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Tracmax Tyres

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Experience the road with Tracmax

When you choose Tracmax tyres from Tyreright, you’re picking reliability and value for every kilometre. Known for their solid construction and versatility, Tracmax tyres deliver consistent performance and safety, perfect for Aussie driving conditions. Designed to keep you moving smoothly, these tyres offer excellent grip and durability, ensuring a reliable ride whether you’re city cruising or hitting the rural roads.

Why Tracmax stands out

Tracmax tyres are engineered for the practical driver. With a focus on safety and efficiency, they provide a balanced experience – offering top-notch handling and longevity without breaking the bank. Their innovative tread design and rubber compounds are tailored for the Australian climate, providing great performance in wet and dry conditions alike, making Tracmax a smart choice for drivers looking for quality at an honest price.

Your best bet is Tyreright for Tracmax tyres

Choosing Tyreright for your Tracmax tyres means you’re in for a straightforward and rewarding purchasing experience. We’re not just about selling tyres; we’re about offering sound advice and great value. Our team is ready to help you find the ideal Tracmax fit for your vehicle and driving needs, ensuring you get bang for your buck with competitive prices and top-notch fitting services. Plus, with our nationwide support, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back wherever your travels take you. Get your Tracmax tyres at Tyreright, and hit the road with confidence.


Tracmax – Good tyres on a budget

Tracmax is a brand of Crowntyre Industrial Co. Ltd. and is developed and manufactured in Shandong Province China,

Tracmax is well known for the “environmentally green” approach to tyre manufacturing and employs world class technology and innovation for sustainable development.

Tracmax tyres have been certified to ISO 9001, DOT, ECE, SASOBGCC and INMETRO, meeting all the current safety standards and also the most stringent quality requirements.

Enjoying high popularity in over 100 countries, Tracmax offers a comprehensive selection of budget tyres across passengerSUV & 4WD and van tyres in over 800 sizes.

With high quality, budget friendly pricing and excellent wear, Tracmax aim to be one of the best global tyre suppliers.

Explore Our Range of Tracmax Tyres Tyres in Australia

Radial F105

The Tracmax Radial F105 tyre, featuring an ultra high-performance asymmetric pattern, ensures high-speed stability and efficiency. Its innovative design offers exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions, redefining fuel economy and driving dynamics.

Radial F105 205/50R16 87W

X-Privilo AT08

The Tracmax X-Privilo AT08 tyre is engineered for all terrains, offering exceptional grip and traction under any condition. Its wide open shoulder grooves and advanced tread design prevent aquaplaning and ensure performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

X-Privilo AT08 245/65R17 111T X-Privilo AT08 245/70R16 111T X-Privilo AT08 255/70R16 111T X-Privilo AT08 265/50R20 111H X-Privilo AT08 265/60R18 110T X-Privilo AT08 265/65R17 112T X-Privilo AT08 265/70R16 112T

X-Privilo TX1

The Tracmax X-Privilo TX1 tyre offers the ultimate driving experience for family cars, blending quiet comfort with reliable performance. Designed with a hi-tech structure, it ensures optimum performance on both wet and dry roads.

X-Privilo TX1 225/60R16 102V

Radial RF06 A/T

The Tracmax Radial RF06 A/T tyre offers unmatched durability and performance for the adventurous. Featuring a wear-resistant compound and optimised pattern, it ensures superior stability, handling, and mileage on any terrain.

Radial RF06 A/T 245/75R16 120S Radial RF06 A/T 265/70R17 121S Radial RF06 A/T 265/75R16 123S Radial RF06 A/T 285/75R16 126S Radial RF06 A/T 31/10.5R15 109S

Radial RF07 A/T

The Tracmax Radial RF07 A/T tyre offers budget-conscious buyers a high-performance, durable option for new-generation MPVs. Its unique design and special tread compound ensure superior traction and longer mileage.

Radial RF07 A/T 205/80R16 104S

X-Privilo RF11 A/T

The Tracmax X-Privilo RF11 A/T tyre excels in wet conditions, offering unmatched stability and a supremely smooth ride. Designed for all terrains, it combines durability with comfort, ensuring improved traction across all conditions.

X-Privilo RF11 A/T 235/85R16 120S

X-Privilo RF19

The Tracmax X-Privilo RF19 tyre delivers reliable performance and durability at an exceptional value. Crafted with advanced technology and strict quality controls, it meets European standards without compromising on cost.

X-Privilo RF19 215/65R15 104T

X-privilo M/T

The Tracmax X-Privilo M/T tyre excels in off-road, muddy conditions, designed for unparalleled durability and traction. Its robust structure and aggressive tread design ensure optimal performance across challenging terrains.

X-privilo M/T 265/75R16 123Q

X-Privilo AT01

The Tracmax X-Privilo AT01 tyre offers high performance across all terrains for budget-conscious buyers, ensuring excellent road contact, safety, and comfort in various conditions. Its robust sidewall structure guarantees lasting durability and resilience.

X-Privilo AT01 235/75R15 109T X-Privilo AT01 265/70R15 112H

X-Privilo RS01+

The Tracmax X-Privilo RS01+ tyre offers budget-conscious buyers a high-performance solution with unmatched wet and dry handling. Its advanced design ensures excellent traction, reduced road noise, and enhanced stability.

X-Privilo RS01+ 275/40R20 106Y