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About us

When we burst onto the tyre scene in 2011, our vision was to keep families moving and the wheels of the industry rolling with some serious innovation and expertise. It seems to be working. Today we’re rapidly expanding, with Tyreright branded Service Centres Australia-wide.

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What sets us apart from the others?

Firstly, we’re a member of the National Tyre & Wheel Group (NTAW), Australasia’s largest tyre, wheel, and accessory wholesaler. As part of their distribution network (Exclusive Tyre Distributors, Dynamic Wheel Co., Tyres4U and others), we’re able to offer the latest expert advice and the country’s largest selection of tyre brands.

Our range includes tyres for every budget, driving style, and condition you can think of. Whether you’re driving a passenger vehicle, a truck or bus, or some serious heavy-duty industrial or agricultural equipment, we have you covered.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the buying power of NTAW, you’ll find we have the best prices in town.

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More than just tyres

In addition to tyre fitting, wheel alignments, and batteries, many of our stores offer mechanical servicing. Equipped with the latest technology, our licensed mechanics can service your vehicle to the highest standards, quickly and efficiently.

With Tyreright, you’re never on your own

As part of the TEN-24 National Truck Tyre Emergency Roadside Assistance Program, we are ready and able to help our truck fleet customers get back on the road all day, every day.

For farmers, we have an On-Farm Field Tractor Tyre Service. If there’s a problem, we come out to fix the issue on the double. Our products, advice, and service will make certain you get from soil to silo without a hitch.

If you’re running a warehouse and your forklift equipment is down, don’t sweat it – our 24/7 Industrial Tyre Emergency Service provides same and/or next-day on-site solid tyre pressing. For remote areas, we also offer a wheel exchange system.

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Caring for our communities and our planet

All Tyreright stores care for the environment by following best practices in sustainability. This includes how we run our businesses, how we source our products, and how we dispose of waste.

Giving back to the community is also a big part of who we are. It’s why we’re proud to partner with a number of charities and sponsorships around Australia – making a positive difference in our local communities.

It’s all about putting our money where our mouth is and caring for the communities and the environment we work in.

The right team

Tyreright takes great pride in the skill, experience and training that our staff receive. Each and every member of the Tyreright team at any of our service centres is dedicated to helping you feel empowered with the right knowledge to make the right choice when it comes time to select the right tyres for your vehicle.

Our staff are trained in the correct use of all fitting and aligning technology, along with the best health and safety practises required to safely operate all equipment and be in a busy store. Further to this, all Tyreright staff are trained in enhanced hygiene practises to ensure our working environments are kept clean and to reduce the risk of transmission of viral infections such as the Covid-19 virus. This includes practising correct social distancing measures and avoiding unnecessary contact with other people, or equipment.

With Tyreright Service Centres and affiliate dealers located around Australia, we have a location that is convenient for everyone.

If you’re interested in joining the Tyreright team, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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For expert advice, professional mechanical services, and the best tyre brands at the best prices, say g’day to your local Tyreright store – you’ll be glad you did! Time to see the experts.

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The biggest range of brands

At Tyreright, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of tyre brands to suit every driver’s needs.
Our extensive range caters to all budgets, driving styles, and conditions, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your vehicle





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