Tracmax X-Privilo TX3 245/50R20 105Y

High performance straight-line speed X-Privilo TX3 The Tracmax X-Privilo TX3 tyre embodies dynamic design for high-speed enthusiasts, offering unparalleled safety and comfort. Its special tread profile ensures maximum performance and handling, providing exceptional grip on both wet and dry roads.

SKU: 5609TX Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: X-Privilo TX3

High performance straight-line speed

The Tracmax X-Privilo TX3 is at the forefront of high-performance tyre technology, crafted for those who demand speed without compromising on safety or driving pleasure. Engineered for sports to luxury vehicles, this tyre features a hi-tech structure and aesthetic appeal, appealing to budget-conscious buyers seeking a high-end performance solution. The TX3’s dynamic design includes four main asymmetric grooves for superior anti-hydroplaning performance, a continuous solid centre rib for linear stability and precise steering response, and sharp crosscutting grooves and sipes for enhanced grip.

Whether navigating tight corners on wet roads or achieving straight-line speed, the X-Privilo TX3 delivers perfect performance and handling control for a thrilling driving experience.

Anti-Hydroplaning Design

The tyre's four main asymmetric grooves efficiently channel water away, significantly reducing the risk of hydroplaning and maintaining traction on wet roads.

Linear Stability and Steering Response

Its continuous solid centre rib ensures linear stability at high speeds, providing a direct and responsive steering feel, crucial for high-performance driving.

Maximum Grip in Bends

Engineered for maximum grip during cornering, the tyre excels on both wet and dry surfaces, allowing drivers to take on bends with confidence and control.

Enhanced Wet Performance

The sharp crosscutting groove and sipe design improve water dispersion, increasing the tyre's grip and safety during adverse weather conditions.



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