Tracmax X-Privilo AT01 265/70R15 112H

Performance across all terrains X-Privilo AT01 The Tracmax X-Privilo AT01 tyre offers high performance across all terrains for budget-conscious buyers, ensuring excellent road contact, safety, and comfort in various conditions. Its robust sidewall structure guarantees lasting durability and resilience.

SKU: 5137TMA Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: X-Privilo AT01

Performance across all terrains

Designed for those who seek adventure without the high cost, the Tracmax X-Privilo AT01 is a budget-friendly, high-performance all-terrain tyre. Suitable for a wide range of road conditions, it provides superior road contact abilities, enhancing safety and driving comfort. The tyre’s wide shoulder block and enhanced block stiffness offer increased stability and durability, even on the most challenging terrains. With a unique sidewall pattern designed to guard against cuts, abrasions, and impact damage, it promises improved off-road endurance. Additionally, the block chamfer design enhances wear resistance and comfort, while helping to protect against stone drilling and other impacts.

Featuring a serrated pattern with fine sipes for exceptional grip on snow and ice, wide open shoulder grooves for effective water and snow evacuation, and a wide tread to improve traction in icy conditions, the X-Privilo AT01 is the ultimate all-terrain tyre for adventurous drivers.

All-Terrain Performance

Engineered for versatility, the X-Privilo AT01 excels in various road conditions, from dry asphalt to challenging off-road environments, ensuring reliable performance wherever you go.

Enhanced Durability and Stability

The tyre's wide shoulder block design and reinforced sidewall structure provide increased stability and durability, allowing drivers to confidently tackle tough terrains without compromising tyre integrity.

Superior Wet and Snow Grip

With its serrated pattern and fine sipes, along with wide open shoulder grooves, the AT01 offers exceptional grip on snow and ice, while preventing aquaplaning in wet conditions for enhanced safety.

Comfort and Resistance Against Wear

The block chamfer design not only enhances the tyre's resistance to wear but also improves driving comfort, making long journeys on rugged terrains more enjoyable.



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