Tracmax Transporter RF09 235/65R16 115R

Durability Drives Forward Transporter RF09 The Tracmax Transporter RF09 tyre is engineered for longevity and stability in commercial vehicles. Its wider tread design and innovative features ensure optimal driving stability and enhanced anti-wear performance for light trucks and vans.

SKU: 5256TMC Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: Transporter RF09

Durability Drives Forward

The Tracmax Transporter RF09 stands as a pinnacle of commercial tyre technology, specifically designed for light trucks and commercial vans demanding high durability and performance. This tyre caters to budget-conscious business owners without compromising on quality, offering a cost-effective solution for keeping logistics and transport services moving efficiently. With a focus on a longer lifespan, the RF09 features an innovative shoulder design for responsive steering and a special tread compound that extends mileage significantly. The wider tread design not only optimises contact with the road for improved driving stability but also contributes to the tyre’s anti-wear characteristics.

Enhanced by a strong tyre structure for greater load capability and continuous solid centre ribs for steering stability, the Transporter RF09 is the ideal choice for businesses in need of reliable, high-performance tyres.

Long Life Commercial Tyre

Specifically designed for commercial use, the RF09's special tread compound and robust construction contribute to a longer tyre life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving on costs in the long run.

Innovative Shoulder Design

Offers responsive steering control, crucial for navigating through tight spaces and ensuring safety in varied driving conditions, enhancing the vehicle's manoeuvrability.

Wider Tread Design

Provides a larger contact area with the road, optimising driving stability and improving anti-wear performance, crucial for the heavy-duty use seen in commercial transportation.

Enhanced Load Capabilities

The tyre's increased strong structure supports greater load capacities, essential for commercial vehicles carrying heavy goods, ensuring safety and reliability even under the toughest conditions.



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