Tracmax Radial RF06 A/T 285/75R16 126S

Rugged Reliability, Enhanced Control Radial RF06 A/T The Tracmax Radial RF06 A/T tyre offers unmatched durability and performance for the adventurous. Featuring a wear-resistant compound and optimised pattern, it ensures superior stability, handling, and mileage on any terrain.

SKU: 5280TMA Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: Radial RF06 A/T

Rugged Reliability, Enhanced Control

Designed for the budget-conscious yet performance-seeking driver, the Tracmax Radial RF06 A/T tyre is a testament to engineering excellence in off-road tyre technology. This tyre is crafted with a special wear-resistant compound that significantly improves mileage, making it an ideal choice for both on-road stability and off-road adventures. Its aggressive tread pattern and sidewall protectors are strategically designed to enhance grip and protect against harsh conditions, including rocks and tree stumps. The open shoulder grooves provide excellent wet grip performance, while the block tread design with multiple sipes ensures outstanding traction across diverse terrains.

With three main zigzag grooves and rough lateral blocks, this tyre offers exceptional handling and stability, promising a safe and exhilarating driving experience on all road surfaces.

Enhanced Wear-Resistant Compound

This tyre is made with a durable compound that extends tread life, offering improved mileage for long-term performance and reliability.

Optimised Pattern for Stability and Handling

The specially designed pattern ensures enhanced stability and handling, allowing for precise control in various driving conditions.

Aggressive Sidewall Protectors

Located near the tyre's shoulder, these protectors increase loose-surface bite and safeguard against cuts and abrasions, making off-road adventures safer.

Superior Wet and Dry Grip

Open shoulder grooves and a block tread design with multiple sipes provide exceptional grip and water evacuation, ensuring safety and performance in wet and dry conditions.



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