Tracmax X-Privilo H/T 255/60R18 112V

Grip, Stability, Confidence X-Privilo H/T The Tracmax X-Privilo H/T tyre offers unparalleled performance for SUV and 4WD vehicles, enhancing grip, stability, and handling in both wet and dry conditions. Designed for highway terrain, it promises endurance and ride comfort for the discerning driver.

SKU: 5453TMH Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: X-Privilo H/T

Grip, Stability, Confidence

Crafted for the discerning driver of SUVs and 4WD vehicles, the Tracmax X-Privilo H/T is a testament to highway terrain excellence. This tyre is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, featuring an open shoulder pattern and high-density sipes that significantly reduce aquaplaning risks while enhancing grip in wet conditions. Its four wide circumferential tread grooves ensure unparalleled ride stability and handling, making every journey a testament to endurance and control. Whether navigating through rain or enjoying a dry highway, the X-Privilo H/T provides improved traction, making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers who refuse to compromise on performance.

With its special tread compound, it offers maximum grip on varied surfaces alongside high speed, comfort, and safety, encapsulating superb driving performance for sport utility vehicles.

Enhanced Wet Grip

The open shoulder groove design effectively evacuates water, significantly improving grip performance in wet conditions, ensuring safety and confidence on slippery roads.

Ride Stability and Comfort

With four wide circumferential tread grooves, the tyre delivers exceptional ride stability and comfort, enhancing the driving experience over long distances.

Improved Traction

High-density sipes with a special compound enhance the tyre's traction on both wet and dry roads, providing a secure grip regardless of weather conditions.

Budget-Friendly High Performance

The X-Privilo H/T is designed for sport utility vehicle drivers seeking a high-performance tyre without breaking the bank, offering an optimal blend of speed, comfort, and security.



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