Tracmax X-Privilo AT08 265/65R17 112T

All-terrain performance & rugged durability X-Privilo AT08 The Tracmax X-Privilo AT08 tyre is engineered for all terrains, offering exceptional grip and traction under any condition. Its wide open shoulder grooves and advanced tread design prevent aquaplaning and ensure performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

SKU: 5347TMA Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: X-Privilo AT08

All-terrain performance & rugged durability

The Tracmax X-Privilo AT08 redefines all-terrain performance, combining rugged durability with advanced technology for unbeatable grip and traction in any weather condition. Designed for budget-conscious buyers seeking high-performance without compromise, this tyre features wide open shoulder grooves for enhanced wet grip and efficient water and mud dispersion, ensuring safety and stability in challenging conditions. The AT08’s aggressive sidewall protections boost off-road capability, protecting against sidewall cuts and abrasions, while the serrated snow patterns and fine sipes offer excellent performance on snow and ice. Whether navigating slippery city streets or exploring off-road trails.

The X-Privilo AT08 provides a balanced performance across diverse environments, making it an ideal choice for adventurers and daily drivers alike.

All-Condition Grip and Traction

Offers exceptional grip and traction on all surfaces, from wet and dry roads to snow and ice, thanks to its versatile tread design and wide grooves.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Wide open shoulder grooves enhance the tyre's ability to channel water away, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving wet weather safety.

Off-Road Durability

Aggressive sidewall protections are specifically designed to increase off-road bite and shield the tyre from sidewall cuts and abrasions, extending tyre life under rugged conditions.

Enhanced Snow and Ice Performance

Serrated snow patterns with fine sipes ensure excellent grip under snowy and icy conditions, providing confident handling and stability.



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