Tracmax Radial F105 205/50R16 87W

Uncompromised Efficiency Radial F105 The Tracmax Radial F105 tyre, featuring an ultra high-performance asymmetric pattern, ensures high-speed stability and efficiency. Its innovative design offers exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions, redefining fuel economy and driving dynamics.

SKU: 5206TM Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: Radial F105

Uncompromised Efficiency

The Tracmax Radial F105 stands at the pinnacle of tyre innovation, tailored for drivers seeking ultra high performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. This tyre’s asymmetric tread pattern is meticulously engineered to maintain stability at high speeds, providing a secure and responsive driving experience. The F105’s low rolling resistance not only enhances fuel economy but also contributes to environmental sustainability. An optimum shoulder design ensures outstanding traction across varying weather conditions, making it versatile for all-season use. Engineered with a wide shoulder tread block and high angle sides, it excels in high-speed cornering, while the variable pitch tread design promises a smooth and quiet ride.

The advanced tread compound and deep grooves with hundreds of edges deliver superior cornering, exceptional handling, and excellent traction in both wet and dry scenarios, setting a new standard for performance tyres.

High-Speed Stability

The UHP asymmetric pattern is designed for supreme stability at high speeds, ensuring safety and confidence during dynamic driving.

Improved Fuel Economy

The low rolling resistance feature of the tyre enhances fuel efficiency, reducing the environmental impact and operational costs for drivers.

Exceptional All-Weather Traction

With its optimum shoulder design, the tyre provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, offering a reliable performance year-round.

Advanced Handling and Comfort

Incorporates a variable pitch tread design for a smoother, quieter ride, coupled with an advanced tread compound for superior cornering and handling, ensuring a premium driving experience.



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