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Kumho Tyres

When you're in the market for tyres, picking Kumho from Tyreright is a smart choice. Known for their solid performance and durability Learn more

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Experience the Kumho difference

Selecting Kumho car tyres from Tyreright means you’re choosing more than just tyres; you’re opting for a commitment to excellence and innovation. Kumho is recognised for delivering high-quality tyres that blend advanced technology with outstanding durability, ensuring a safer and more efficient driving experience. Designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian drivers, Kumho tyres provide exceptional handling and comfort across all road conditions, making every trip a pleasure.

Why choose Kumho tyres?

Kumho leads the way in tyre technology, offering motorists improved safety, enhanced grip, and reduced fuel consumption. Each tyre is the result of rigorous research and development, incorporating specialised tread designs and eco-friendly compounds that maximise performance and minimise environmental impact. Whether navigating city streets or exploring rugged landscapes, Kumho tyres are engineered to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting wear, ensuring great value for money.

Your best choice: Kumho tyres from Tyreright

At Tyreright, we’re proud to be your go-to destination for genuine Kumho car tyres, where quality service and customer satisfaction come standard. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal Kumho tyre for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit for your driving needs. With Tyreright, you benefit from competitive prices, expert tyre fitting, and comprehensive aftercare, including nationwide support. Choose Tyreright for your Kumho tyre purchase and enjoy peace of mind on every journey.


Kumho – Whatever it takes to be the best

Kumho Tire (Kumho Tyres) was established in 1960 as part of the Kumho Asiana Group, and entered the Australian market place in the mid 70s.

Now part of the Kumho Doublestar Tyre Group, Kumho is one of the world’s leading tyre brands sold in over 150 countries worldwide.

Kumho Tyres runs three manufacturing facilities in South Korea: There are a further three plants in China, one in Vietnam and one in Georgia USA.

In Australia Kumho is a top three selling brand with over 1.2 million tyres sold each year.

Why Kumho

Kumho makes your purchase simple and easy, with a tyre for every vehicle from small cars to family passenger cars4WDs and SUVslight commercialsheavy trucks, buses and specialist vehicles.

Our quality is highlighted by the fact that Kumho tyres are chosen by some of the world’s leading car companies. Kumho tyres are fitted as original equipment on a wide range of new cars from the majority of the world’s big automotive brands.

Our dealer network covers just about everywhere in Australia, so you’re always close by for expert advice, service and support.

As one of the world’s largest tyre companies, you can buy Kumho tyres in 150 countries: everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe, and our products are tested and proven all over the world.

With five research and development centres stretching across Europe, South Asia and North America, Kumho Tyre produce tyres for carsvans, and trucks, and even fighter jets.

Contribution to society

Kumho Australia is incredibly proud to be a corporate partner of Camp Quality because of the key role it plays in supporting children and families experiencing the challenges of cancer as well as increasing awareness right across the community.

Tyre product & innovation

Kumho defines itself through innovation and quality. Kumho’s devotion to research and development is eveident in its investment in facilities in Korea, China & the USA.

Our products have full factory warranty so you can rest assured ongoing after sales support will be at hand if you ever require it.

Sports marketing

Kumho sponsors many different sporting organisations, both globally and locally. This sponsorship support across a variety of sporting codes forms an integral part of our brand awareness campaigns. From a global perspective, Kumho Tyres is aligned with champion basketball team LA Lakers (NBA), Tottenham Hotspur (EPL), and Leverkusen (Bundesliga).n a local level, we are proud to sponsor Hockey Australia.


In 2023, Kumho is the official tyre supplier for

  • TCR Australia
  • V8 Touring Cars
  • National Sports Sedan Series
  • NSW Sports Sedans

Kumho offers a range or Road Hazard and Mileage Warranties – You’re gonna love your Kumho tyres.

For More Info About The Kumho Warranties

Explore Our Range of Kumho Tyres Tyres in Australia

121 Spare Tyre

The Kumho 121 was developed for temporary spare use only

121 Spare Tyre 135/80R18 104M 121 Spare Tyre 165/90R17 116M


The KC55 has a specialised tread design to help improve traction for light truck vehicles.

KC55 500/12R12 KC55 500/12R12

Road Venture AT52

The Road Venture AT52 blends the perfect combination of performance to take command of rugged terrains whilst also delivering on-road comfort.

Road Venture AT52 205R16 Road Venture AT52 215/75R15 Road Venture AT52 225/70R17 Road Venture AT52 225/75R16 Road Venture AT52 235/65R17 Road Venture AT52 235/70R16 Road Venture AT52 235/75R15 Road Venture AT52 235/80R17 Road Venture AT52 235/85R16 Road Venture AT52 245/65R17 Road Venture AT52 245/70R16 Road Venture AT52 245/70R17 Road Venture AT52 245/75R16 Road Venture AT52 245/75R17 Road Venture AT52 255/60R18 Road Venture AT52 255/65R17 Road Venture AT52 255/70R16 Road Venture AT52 265/60R18 Road Venture AT52 265/60R18 Road Venture AT52 265/65R17 Road Venture AT52 265/65R17 Road Venture AT52 265/65R18 Road Venture AT52 265/70R16 Road Venture AT52 265/70R16 Road Venture AT52 265/70R17 Road Venture AT52 265/70R18 Road Venture AT52 265/75R16 Road Venture AT52 275/55R20 Road Venture AT52 275/60R20 Road Venture AT52 275/65R18 Road Venture AT52 275/65R20 Road Venture AT52 275/70R17 Road Venture AT52 275/70R18 Road Venture AT52 285/55R20 Road Venture AT52 285/60R20 Road Venture AT52 285/65R18 Road Venture AT52 285/70R17 Road Venture AT52 285/75R16 Road Venture AT52 295/70R18 Road Venture AT52 30/0.5R15 Road Venture AT52 305/55R20 Road Venture AT52 31/10.5R15 Road Venture AT52 315/70R17 Road Venture AT52 33/12.5R20 Road Venture AT52 35/12.5R17 Road Venture AT52 35/12.5R18 Road Venture AT52 35/12.5R20 Road Venture AT52 37/12.5R20

Sense KR26

The Kumho Sense KR26 tyre ensures all-season performance, blending comfort and stability for smaller and mid-size passenger cars. Its innovative design offers enhanced wet road grip and superior handling for a confident driving experience.

Sense KR26 175/65R14 82H Sense KR26 195/55R15 85H Sense KR26 215/60R16 95H

Solus KRA50

The Kumho Solus KH16 tyre offers unparalleled durability and stability for regional P&D and bus applications on paved surfaces. Its deep tread pattern and sturdy design ensure extended wear and consistent performance.

Solus KRA50 195/85R16

131 Spare Tyre

The Kumho 131 spare tyre offers peace of mind with its durability and reliability, ensuring you're always prepared for the unexpected. Its design focuses on providing a safe and dependable solution when you need it most.

131 Spare Tyre 135/70R19 105M 131 Spare Tyre 155/90R17 101M


A sports performance tyre the ECSTA PS71 SUV, delivers true driving refinement. Provides excellent stability with superb handling and braking performance on wet and dry surfaces.

ECSTA PS71 205/40R17 84Y ECSTA PS71 205/45R16 87W ECSTA PS71 205/45R17 88Y ECSTA PS71 205/55R16 ECSTA PS71 205/55R16 91W ECSTA PS71 215/40R17 87Y ECSTA PS71 215/40R18 89Y ECSTA PS71 215/45R17 91Y ECSTA PS71 215/45R18 93Y ECSTA PS71 215/55R17 ECSTA PS71 225/35R18 87Y ECSTA PS71 225/35R19 88Y ECSTA PS71 225/35R20 ECSTA PS71 225/40R19 93Y ECSTA PS71 225/45R17 94Y ECSTA PS71 225/45R18 95Y ECSTA PS71 225/45R19 96Y ECSTA PS71 225/50R17 98Y ECSTA PS71 235/35R19 91Y ECSTA PS71 235/40R18 95Y ECSTA PS71 235/40R19 96Y ECSTA PS71 235/45R17 97Y ECSTA PS71 235/45R18 ECSTA PS71 235/45R18 98Y ECSTA PS71 235/45R19 99Y ECSTA PS71 235/50R18 101Y ECSTA PS71 235/50R20 ECSTA PS71 245/35R18 92Y ECSTA PS71 245/35R19 93Y ECSTA PS71 245/35R20 95Y ECSTA PS71 245/40R17 95Y ECSTA PS71 245/40R18 97Y ECSTA PS71 245/40R19 98Y ECSTA PS71 245/40R20 99Y ECSTA PS71 245/45R17 99Y ECSTA PS71 245/45R18 100Y ECSTA PS71 245/45R19 ECSTA PS71 245/45R19 102Y ECSTA PS71 245/45R20 103W ECSTA PS71 255/35R18 94Y ECSTA PS71 255/35R19 96Y ECSTA PS71 255/35R20 97Y ECSTA PS71 255/40R18 99Y ECSTA PS71 255/40R19 100Y ECSTA PS71 255/40R21 102Y ECSTA PS71 255/45R18 103Y ECSTA PS71 255/45R20 ECSTA PS71 255/45R20 105Y ECSTA PS71 255/50R19 107Y ECSTA PS71 255/55R18 109Y ECSTA PS71 265/30R19 93Y ECSTA PS71 265/35R18 97Y ECSTA PS71 265/40R18 101Y ECSTA PS71 265/40R22 ECSTA PS71 265/45R20 108Y ECSTA PS71 275/30R19 96Y ECSTA PS71 275/30R20 97Y ECSTA PS71 275/35R19 100Y ECSTA PS71 275/35R20 102Y ECSTA PS71 275/35R22 ECSTA PS71 275/40R19 105Y ECSTA PS71 275/40R20 106Y ECSTA PS71 275/40R21 ECSTA PS71 275/40R22 ECSTA PS71 275/45R20 110Y ECSTA PS71 275/45R21 ECSTA PS71 285/35R22 ECSTA PS71 285/40R21 ECSTA PS71 285/45R19 111Y ECSTA PS71 295/30R19 100Y ECSTA PS71 295/35R21 ECSTA PS71 295/40R20 ECSTA PS71 315/35R20 110Y ECSTA PS71 315/35R21

Ecsta KH11

The Kumho Ecsta KH11 tyre is engineered for sports coupes and sporty sedans, offering an optimal blend of comfort, quietness, and responsive handling. It excels in both wet and dry conditions, providing reliable traction.

Ecsta KH11 155/60R15 Ecsta KH11 215/55R18 95H


The KRS02 is a regional light commercial tyre for highway applications.

KRS02 205/85R16 KRS02 6.5R16 KRS02 7R16 KRS02 7R16

Solus HS63

The SOLUS HS63 gives balanced comfort and performance for passenger vehicles.

Solus HS63 205/65R16

Solus TA11

The SOLUS TA11 is a tyre designed to withstand the rigors of urban driving. It has improved wet performance and delivers high mileage.

Solus TA11 205/70R16 97T Solus TA11 215/65R17 99T

Solus KH16

The Kumho Solus KH16 tyre offers an exceptional blend of comfort, handling, and year-round traction for sporty coupes and sedans, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience even in light snow.

Solus KH16 225/55R19 99H

Road Venture APT KL51

The Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 tyre offers unrivalled handling and performance for SUVs and 4WDs. Experience enhanced grip, braking, and a smooth ride across all conditions.

Road Venture APT KL51 235/60R18 103 Road Venture APT KL51 255/60R18 112 Road Venture APT KL51 265/70R16

Solus KH17

The Kumho Solus KH17 tyre offers a blend of quiet, comfortable urban driving with exceptional traction in varying weather conditions. Engineered for durability and performance, it stands out with its silica-based tread for long-lasting reliability.

Solus KH17 195/55R16 87H Solus KH17 215/50R17 91 Solus KH17 225/50R17 94

Solus XC KU26

The Kumho Solus XC KU26 tyre redefines touring comfort with its exceptional handling, long-lasting wear, and low noise levels. Its innovative tread design and compound ensure unrivalled performance and safety.

Solus XC KU26 235/45R18 94

Ecsta V720

The Kumho Ecsta V720 is engineered for the track yet perfectly at home on the streets, blending heart-pounding dry performance with unwavering wet confidence and remarkable durability for a tyre that thrives at speed.

Ecsta V720 195/55R15 Ecsta V720 205/45R17 88W Ecsta V720 205/55R16 94 Ecsta V720 215/45R17 91W Ecsta V720 245/40R17 91W Ecsta V720 245/45R17 Ecsta V720 255/35R19 96W Ecsta V720 265/35R18 97W Ecsta V720 275/35R19 100W Ecsta V720 285/35R18 101W

Solus KL21

The SOLUS KL21 is an environmentally friendly SUV tyre with unparalleled ride comfort. A tyre recommended for today's modern vehicles.

Solus KL21 225/55R18 98H Solus KL21 225/65R17 102H Solus KL21 235/55R18 100H Solus KL21 265/50R20 107 Solus KL21 275/45R19

SuperMile TX31

The SUPERMILE TX31 is a specialised taxi tyre.

SuperMile TX31 215/55R17 94