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Construction & Industrial Tyres

Need tough tyres that can handle any challenge. See the experts!

Advance Construction & Industrial Tyres

Trust the experts for tough tyres

Construction and Industrial tyres are built tough to handle heavy loads and harsh environments. To do this they’re beefed up with special tread compounds, and feature deeper tread patterns, heavy-duty rim guards, reinforced sidewalls, and steel-reinforced carcasses.

Their rugged construction guarantees high productivity, outstanding durability, superior traction, and stability. They’re just what you need for construction sites, mines, and ports. In fact, any place where they may be exposed to rough terrain, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure.

Tyreright can supply and fit purpose-built tyres for most construction and industrial vehicles. You name it, they’ve got it – from backhoe tyres, skid steer tyres, telehandler tyres, excavator tyres, loader tyres, compactor, and paver tyres, and many more.

So, if you need tyres you can trust when things get tough, see the experts at Tyreright for application-specific, purpose-built tyres of unmatched quality.

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The biggest range of brands

At Tyreright, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of tyre brands to suit every driver’s needs.
Our extensive range caters to all budgets, driving styles, and conditions, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your vehicle





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