Tracmax X-Privilo RS01+ 275/40R20 106Y

A budget, high performance tyre X-Privilo RS01+ The Tracmax X-Privilo RS01+ tyre offers budget-conscious buyers a high-performance solution with unmatched wet and dry handling. Its advanced design ensures excellent traction, reduced road noise, and enhanced stability.

SKU: 5615TX Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: X-Privilo RS01+

A budget, high performance tyre

Designed for those seeking high performance without breaking the bank, the Tracmax X-Privilo RS01+ stands out as a premium summer tyre that combines exceptional comfort with superior handling capabilities. Engineered to excel in both wet and dry conditions, it features three main grooves for improved wet weather performance, an optimum shoulder design for great traction and minimal heat build-up, and continuous solid centre ribs for precise steering and stability. The tyre’s modern tread design and special compound not only offer outstanding high-speed capabilities and handling but also contribute to fuel economy and durability. Offset lateral tread blocks reduce road noise, providing a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Whether navigating sharp corners or cruising at high speeds, the X-Privilo RS01+ delivers a responsive and safe driving experience.

Enhanced Wet and Dry Handling

Engineered for precise handling in all conditions, the three main grooves effectively channel water away to enhance wet weather performance, while the tyre's overall design ensures superior grip on dry roads.

Optimised Traction and Low Heat Build-Up

The tyre's optimum shoulder design not only offers exceptional traction but also reduces heat build-up, extending the tyre's life and maintaining performance under high stress.

Improved Steering and Stability

Continuous solid centre ribs enhance the tyre's steering response and stability, especially at high speeds, making for a safer and more controlled driving experience.

Quiet Ride and Comfort

Offset lateral tread blocks are specifically designed to reduce road noise, ensuring a quieter, more enjoyable ride without compromising on performance or safety.



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