Tracmax Radial RF07 A/T 205/80R16 104S

For new-generation MPVs Radial RF07 A/T The Tracmax Radial RF07 A/T tyre offers budget-conscious buyers a high-performance, durable option for new-generation MPVs. Its unique design and special tread compound ensure superior traction and longer mileage.

SKU: 5215TMA Manufacturer: Tracmax Tread Pattern: Radial RF07 A/T

For new-generation MPVs

Designed for the budget-savvy without sacrificing performance, the Tracmax Radial RF07 A/T is the tyre of choice for new-generation MPVs. This tyre stands out with its unique shoulder block shape, enhancing driving and handling performance, especially crucial for vehicles designed for both comfort and efficiency. The tread design incorporates fine grooves for exceptional wet surface traction, while the special tread compound is formulated for extended tyre life, offering drivers an ideal blend of durability and functionality. With strong centre blocks, the Radial RF07 A/T not only improves steering and handling but also ensures a stable and responsive driving experience.

This tyre represents a smart choice for those seeking a long-life commercial tyre that does not compromise on performance or safety.

Special Tread Compound

This compound is engineered for longer mileage, reducing the frequency of tyre replacements and offering better value over the tyre's lifespan.

Improved Steering and Handling

Thanks to the strong centre blocks, the tyre provides enhanced steering responsiveness and handling, crucial for navigating tight turns and maintaining stability at higher speeds.

Superior Wet Surface Traction

The finely grooved tread design ensures excellent traction on wet roads, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving safety during adverse weather conditions.

Long-Life Commercial Tyre

Designed to meet the demands of commercial use, the Tracmax Radial RF07 A/T offers durability and performance, making it an ideal choice for MPVs and other vehicles that require reliable, long-lasting tyres.



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