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Premium Partnership

Premium Partnerships

At Tyreright, our aim is to grow our business across all segments and deliver a strong offer to all key market segments via the Tyreright network.

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Partnering with Premium Suppliers for a better way forward

Our strategy to become a first-class tyre and service provider depends on having a first-class servicing capability and a choice of quality products. The foundation of our strategy relies on delivering a total cost of ownership that is better than any other supplier in the industry.

We believe driving profitable and sustainable sales growth is key to reaching our goals; creating a business development team dedicated to the Tyreright retail group is the key to realising our goals.

To generate long-term success, we’re building long-term relationships with our customers, concentrating on their value to us over time. This is called ‘customer equity’ and it is not just focussing on making a one-time sale, but what we can achieve from the partnership over multiple years.

In the meantime, our growth in the commercial fleet business has been taken to the next level by our recent alliance with Michelin and our closer collaboration with Black Rubber – another NTAW business.

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The right partner changes everything

Previously, we could not offer premium TBR tyres consistently, or at a competitive price, which proved an obstacle to recruiting major transport customers to join our network.

Partnering with Michelin has changed our landscape by giving Tyreright access to premium Michelin TBR products and elevating Tyreright to a preferred service provider status for Michelin Fleet business.

This is the first partnership between a premium tyre brand and a tyre retailer in Australian history, and we are immensely proud to be a part of it.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Eligible Tyreright stores now also get the chance to be co-branded as Tyreright Michelin Service Centres.

As we all move forward with this alliance we couldn’t be in better company. Michelin are world leaders in innovation and sustainable development. They have been in business since 1889, and now supply tyres to over 170 countries. The company has 69 production facilities around the world and employs over 124,000 people who are committed to making the highest quality, best performing tyres in every segment of the market.

Today, Michelin’s purpose is to create “A Better Way Forward” for everyone. They’re actively working towards this goal through their Sustainable Development and Mobility strategy…a vision beyond tyres.

We are proud to be associated with a company that is willing to make such a strong commitment to developing new, innovative sustainable products and processes.

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All systems go

The NTAW Group purchase of Black Rubber provides Tyreright with an industry-leading fleet tyre performance and management system that allows us to benchmark our products and up our game with larger fleet operators.

Since kicking off business in 2014, Black Rubber have become a leader in re-grooving, re-treading and whole-of-life tyre management in Australia. They’ve done this by developing strategic alliances, and providing quality products and innovative tyre management services that ensure the lowest total Cost Per Hour (CPH) or Cost Per Kilometre (CPK) for their customers.

Black Rubber operates the country’s largest accredited Michelin Service Centre in Kewdale WA. Black Rubber also own and run Michelin tyre retreading factories in Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane. This unique setup allows them to consistently offer industry-leading sustainable products and services. It also makes them the go-to for businesses and individuals looking for cost-effective, high-performance solutions that are reliable and environmentally friendly.

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What our partnerships mean for you

Thanks to our new partnerships we can now offer our customers TBR tyres in the premium, mid-tier, and retread categories, via a national service network. This is all backed by proven fleet management systems incorporating performance measurement and reporting, enabling the entire network to achieve their business objectives with ease.

It gets even better. Michelin are right behind us, supporting our efforts by providing technical support and training. They’ll also work with our group as the preferred supplier of product and services to 3rd parties, either through their Fleet Direct program or the usual Michelin DSF national billing system.

So why not join us? As a Tyreright Tyre Dealer, you’ll have access to premium Michelin TBR products and national account business, along with a premium offering to include when pursuing large TBR fleet opportunities.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Tyreright network – it’s time to see the experts.

For more information about our premium partnerships complete the form below.

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