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Commercial Retreads

Commercial Retreads

Retreading tyres offers numerous benefits to both you and the environment and saves your money.

Rethink retreads

Essentially, retreading is the process of giving an old tyre a new lease of life by replacing its worn-out tread with new rubber. This can be done time and time again over a tyre’s life, and it offers a ton of advantages.

It’s kind of like getting new boots, but instead of throwing away the old ones, we fix them up so we can wear them again.

During our retreading process, the old tyre is cleaned and carefully inspected to make sure it’s still in good shape. Then, the old, worn-out tread is removed.

As a Michelin-accredited retread factory, we use the innovative Michelin Industrial Process. Our retreads are made with the same tread compound and patterns as new Michelin Tyres. A premium tapered “wing” tread is applied to the old tyre using computer-guided laser technology. This ensures the tread perfectly matches the shape of the casing.

The new tread is then vacuum sealed and cured using heat and pressure to make sure it holds fast. Once it’s all done, ultra-sensitive electronic inspection systems are used to make sure the tyre is up to scratch.

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Maximise your mileage and minimise your costs

A Tyreright retread tyre costs about 50% less than a quality new tyre. This means you can save a lot of money while getting almost the same mileage return and performance as a brand-new tyre.

In fact, retreading offers a mileage return of up to 90% of that of a new tyre. This is a significant cost saving, especially if you drive commercial vehicles regularly.

Retreading is great for the environment too

Recycling tyres saves a lot of natural resources and reduces waste. For instance, retreading one hundred tyres saves up to five tonnes of materials, which would otherwise end up in landfill. This translates to a reduction of more than six tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, each retread consumes 70% less raw materials than a newly manufactured tyre.

Partnering with Michelin offers unmatched commercial solutions

Thanks to our partnership with Michelin, we can offer our commercial customers a wide range of tyres, patterns, and compounds, including the best combination to increase their profits and their overall financial performance.

Our stores also offer a Cost Per Hour (CPH) or Cost Per Kilometre (CPK) service to our fleet customers. This service ensures they get the best value for money by taking into account the cost of replacement tyres and servicing, as well as how long the tyres will last.

We also offer other services to ensure the lowest CPH and CPK, including advice about the right tyre for any job, rotating them when needed, and keeping an eye on your tyre pressure.

It’s easy to see why retreading is the next big thing in the tyre industry

Recycling tyres multiple times offers significant cost savings, reduces the consumption of natural resources, and minimises waste. And if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective retread, Michelin is a great choice.

Tyres such as their Multi Life (new + multiple retread) offer the lowest total tyre cost for commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. With their advanced technology, superior materials, and years of innovation, you can be sure that with Michelin you’re getting the best possible tyre for your vehicle and the environment.

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Commercial Retreads

Commercial Retreads

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