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Australia's a big country, and if you're in the transport game you've got a ton of ground to cover. So, it's good to know wherever the road takes you, Tyreright has you covered.

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Trust the experts to keep you moving

At Tyreright, we offer a wide range of truck and bus tyres for all applications, as well as quality retreads, to suit various budgets. You can choose from internationally trusted brands, suited for tough Australian road conditions, and all backed by manufacturer warranties.

You can be confident they’re right for your rig too. We only ever recommend tyres that provide outstanding performance and help you to save on costs. It’s why so many bus and trucking businesses, trust Tyreright experts to supply, fit and maintain their fleets.

Whether you’re after a steer, drive, trailer, or an all-position tyre, we’ll fit the right tyre to tame your terrain.

Our expert staff can provide guidance on the best options for your specific needs, ensuring maximum performance, durability, and efficiency for your fleet. With Tyreright, you can be rest assured you’re making a smart investment in the long-term success of your transportation business.

Steer tyres

It’s important to understand how critical the Steer tyres are on a truck. Specifically designed for the front (steer) axle, they must cope with all the stresses of turning the truck. This is why quality Steer tyres can have a massive effect on how well your truck handles, and how comfortable your ride is.

As they are also the first of your truck’s tyres to hit wet roads, they have a ribbed-tread design to disperse the water and maximise their aquaplaning resistance.

Drive tyres

These bad boys are your workhorses and traction stars. Engineered exclusively for drive (or torque) axles, they have a lug-type or siped tread. This provides the grip needed to turn engine power into forward motion.

Drive tyres cop plenty of braking pressure, so their grip is also key to minimising braking distances. On top of that, they also bear the truck’s highest axle load, so the strength to cope with high load ratings is critical.

Trailer tyres

Trailer tyres are designed to perform best in free-rolling trailer axle positions. They need the strength to carry high load ratings and withstand intense lateral and braking forces.

Reinforced sidewalls help protect the casing from curbing damage, while professional fitting setup can avoid scrubbing, which results in rapid, uneven wear and poor handling.

All position tyres

All-position tyres are your all-rounders. They can be installed in the steer, drive, or trailer position, but they’re designed to perform at their best on the steer axle.

A premium quality all position tyre can maximise mileage and offer good performance across the board in variable conditions. As a rule, they’re more suited to urban transport vehicles. For long-haul trucks, we recommend fitting dedicated steer, drive, and trailer tyres.

Speciality tyres

Do you need light urban truck or bus tyres, or heavy-duty, off-the-road tyres for construction and mining? Specialty Tyres are performance-driven, highly durable tyres that can take on any terrain with ease. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and tread patterns, for all seasons, road conditions, and applications. Whatever your specific need, we can source the right tyre for your vehicle.


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