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GT Radial Tyres

Choosing GT Radial tyres from Tyreright is your first step towards a journey of unmatched reliability and performance. Learn more

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Drive confidently with GT Radial

GT Radial is renowned for its commitment to innovation, offering tyres that provide exceptional safety, durability, and efficiency across all driving scenarios. With GT Radial, you’re equipped with tyres that deliver steady handling and longevity, ensuring your peace of mind on every stretch of road.

The GT Radial difference

GT Radial tyres stand apart for their advanced engineering and precise manufacturing, offering a perfect blend of comfort and control. Known for their robust construction, these tyres are designed to tackle the unique challenges of Australian roads, providing excellent traction and responsive braking in both wet and dry conditions. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring rural landscapes, GT Radial tyres are built to enhance your driving experience without compromise.

Why choose Tyreright for your GT Radial tyres

At Tyreright, we’re not just selling tyres; we’re offering a complete tyre solution tailored to your needs. Our experts are here to guide you through our extensive range of GT Radial tyres, ensuring you find the perfect match for your vehicle and driving style. With competitive pricing, expert fitting services, and comprehensive after-sales support, Tyreright makes buying GT Radial tyres straightforward and satisfying. Trust us to keep you moving safely, wherever the road may lead.

Gt Radial

GT Radial – Drive with confidence

GT Radial is committed to producing high-quality but affordable tyres for Australian motorists. GT Radial’s advocacy is to keep improving tyres to ensure motorist safety and keep up with the demands of Australian roads.

Over the years, we have maintained our reputation for excellence, and we have successfully supplied our dealers with exceptional tyres for various vehicles.

Who makes GT Radial tyres

GT Radial tyres are manufactured by Giti Tire. The Singapore-based Giti Tire Group is one of the largest tyre companies in the world and has been in the tyre business since 1951. Giti operates eight manufacturing plants and produces a broad range of tyre products, serving major original equipment vehicle manufacturers, auto service outlets, tyre dealers and consumers in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Experience the performance

In each of Giti’s eight plants, the company sets the highest standard of quality control procedures.

A highly stringent quality control system and concern for the safety and quality demands in regions across the globe separates the brand from the competition. Giti products are trusted by all types of individuals, from the everyday driver to top motorsports performers.

Through top performance and an extensive dealer network, the brand has a reputation for quality, performance, and safety. With its roots going back more than 65 years in the tyre industry, Giti understands the requisites of being a resilient and consistent tyre manufacturer in the highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace and has the necessary resources in place.

Today, the Giti business platform fully integrates its worldwide manufacturing and R&D footprint and innovative sales, marketing and distribution channels together with its global motorsports activities to assure its future growth.

As a company dedicated to the green principles of environmental protection, Giti is dedicated to the development of sustainable, energy-saving technologies and products.

More importantly, Giti places special emphasis on the tyre manufacturing process and strives to minimise the environmental impact of tyre products by reducing emissions, wastewater, and waste materials.

GT Radial offers a 30 Day Test Drive & 5 Year Free Tyre Replacement Guarantee – You’re gonna love your GT Radial tyres.

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Explore Our Range of GT Radial Tyres Tyres in Australia

Adventuro A/T

The ADVENTURO A/T is an all terrain tyre for light trucks and SUVs designed to provide a great balance of on-road and off-road use for drivers who experience both conditions.

Adventuro A/T 225/70R16 Adventuro A/T 235/85R16 120S Adventuro A/T 30/9.5R15 104S Adventuro A/T 31/10.5R15 109S

Champiro 228

The GT Radial Champiro 228 tyre is engineered for all-season performance, combining eco-friendly features with exceptional fuel efficiency for sedans, minivans, and crossovers. It delivers unmatched value and performance throughout the year.

Champiro 228 195/50R15 82

Champiro SX2

The GT Radial Champiro SX2 tyre offers unparalleled grip, traction, and handling for sport driving enthusiasts. Its aggressive tread and high-grip silica compound ensure optimal performance in both dry and wet conditions.

Champiro SX2 245/40R17 91W Champiro SX2 265/35R18 97W

Maxmiler EX

The GT Radial Maxmiler EX tyre is engineered for the modern high-speed commercial van, blending fuel efficiency with high load capacity. Its innovative design ensures durability and optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Maxmiler EX 185/75R16 Maxmiler EX 205/65R15 Maxmiler EX 215/60R16 103T

Savero HT Plus

SAVERO HT PLUS is designed especially for pick-ups, light trucks and SUV's to deliver a high degree of both comfort and control and long mileage.

Savero HT Plus 215/80R15 102S Savero HT Plus 225/70R17 108T Savero HT Plus 235/60R17 102H Savero HT Plus 255/70R16 111T Savero HT Plus 265/65R17 112T

Adventuro A/T2

The GT Radial ADVENTURO A/T2 tyre offers unparalleled all-terrain performance for light trucks and SUVs, ensuring superior cornering and safety in diverse conditions. Its innovative tread design and special rubber compound provide exceptional stability and resistance to aquaplaning.

Adventuro A/T2 235/75R15 116S Adventuro A/T2 235/85R16

Champiro 80

The GT Radial Champiro 80 tyre offers a harmonious blend of comfort and performance for all seasons, ideal for budget-conscious drivers. Its superior traction in wet conditions ensures a safe driving experience.

Champiro 80 155/80R13 79T

Champiro UHP AS

For vehicle owners requiring ultra high performance or grand touring tyres, the CHAMPIRO UHP AS delivers excellent straight line stability, cornering grip, and braking capabilities in both dry and wet conditions, providing excellent grip and long tread life.

Champiro UHP AS 205/50R16 87V Champiro UHP AS 215/45R18 93Y Champiro UHP AS 235/50R18 101V Champiro UHP AS 235/55R17 99W Champiro UHP AS 245/40R19 94Y Champiro UHP AS 245/45R19 98Y Champiro UHP AS 245/45R20 103Y Champiro UHP AS 275/40R20 106Y

Champiro BAX2

The GT Radial Champiro BAX2 tyre offers unparalleled control and comfort for a delightful driving experience across varied conditions. Designed for performance touring sedans, it elevates every journey with its advanced features.

Champiro BAX2 195/50R15 82 Champiro BAX2 205/60R15 91

Champiro HPX

The GT Radial Champiro HPX tyre offers unmatched traction and fuel efficiency, redefining ultra-high performance and control for modern vehicles. Its advanced silica compound and directional tread design ensure superior handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

Champiro HPX 245/35R19 93W


MAXMILER-X provides superior carrying ability with good mileage.

Maxmiler-X 155R13 Maxmiler-X 175R14 Maxmiler-X 205/65R15

Adventuro MT

The GT Radial Adventuro M/T tyre is engineered for 4WDs and SUVs, featuring an ultra-aggressive tread pattern for unmatched performance in mud and rough terrains. Its design offers exceptional traction and durability, ensuring a safe and exhilarating off-road experience.

Adventuro MT 225/75R16 Adventuro MT 235/85R16 Adventuro MT 245/75R16 Adventuro MT 265/75R16 Adventuro MT 285/75R16 Adventuro MT 305/70R16 Adventuro MT 31/10.5R15 109Q Adventuro MT 33/12.5R15 108Q

Champiro BXT+

The GT Radial Champiro BXT+ tyre delivers unparalleled all-season performance for passenger vehicles, combining advanced weather traction with superior durability and control. Its design ensures optimal safety and efficiency, regardless of weather conditions.

Champiro BXT+ 235/75R15 105S

Champiro HPY

The GT Radial Champiro HPY tyre delivers unparalleled grip and stability on both wet and dry surfaces, offering an enhanced steering response and a quieter ride, even at high speeds. Crafted with a full silica compound, it excels in wet conditions, extends tyre life, and cuts down on fuel consumption.

Champiro HPY 205/55R16 91W Champiro HPY 215/55R17 94V Champiro HPY 235/35R19 91Y Champiro HPY 235/40R18 95Y Champiro HPY 245/40R17 95Y

KargoMax ST6000

The GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 tyre delivers unparalleled durability and stability for heavy-duty trailer and caravan use, ensuring long distances are covered with ease and reliability.

KargoMax ST6000 155R13 91N KargoMax ST6000 185R14 KargoMax ST6000 195/60R12

Savero A/T

The GT Radial Savero A/T tyre delivers unmatched versatility and durability for 4WD vehicles, ensuring optimal performance on highways and off-road. Its unique design provides excellent stability and traction across diverse terrains.

Savero A/T 235/85R16 120Q Savero A/T 285/50R20 112H Savero A/T 285/70R17 121S

Champiro 128

The GT Radial Champiro 128 tyre delivers unparalleled all-season performance, offering superior grip, control, and mileage in any road condition. Its advanced water drainage system ensures outstanding wet weather handling for a safer, smoother ride.

Champiro 128 175/60R14 79H

Champiro ECO

Get the best of both worlds with GT Radial Champiro ECO - excellent grip on wet and dry roads while delivering high fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Champiro ECO 155/65R13 73T Champiro ECO 165/70R14 85T Champiro ECO 185/60R14 82H Champiro ECO 195/60R15 92H

Champiro Luxe

The GT Radial Champiro Luxe tyre offers an unparalleled blend of performance, comfort, and safety for passenger vehicles. Engineered for summer conditions, it guarantees superior traction on wet and dry roads with a focus on tranquillity during the drive.

Champiro Luxe 205/65R16 95H


MAXTOUR offers high mileage, due to its durable and long lasting components. The tyre is designed to achieve maximum tread life without compromising performance.

MaxTour 215/65R16 98T