Gt Radial

GT Radial Savero A/T Plus 245/65R17 107T

Conquer Every Terrain Savero A/T Plus The GT Radial Savero A/T Plus tyre offers seamless performance on and off the highway, blending smooth, secure rides with robust off-road capability. Its optimised all-terrain tread pattern ensures maximum traction and quiet operation in diverse driving conditions.

SKU: A777 Manufacturer: GT Radial Tread Pattern: Savero A/T Plus

Conquer Every Terrain

The GT Radial Savero A/T Plus is a versatile all-terrain tyre engineered for 4WDs and SUVs that navigate both highway stretches and off-road trails. It features an optimised tread pattern designed to deliver maximum traction with minimal noise across various driving conditions. The tyre’s extra wide footprint promotes even wear throughout its lifespan, enhancing durability. Its robust construction, including double steel belts with a polyester carcass, ensures enhanced tread strength for excellent steering response and mileage performance. Large shoulder blocks are incorporated to boost handling stability and steering precision on any terrain. With special block tread designs and deep solid blocks, the Savero A/T Plus provides exceptional off-road traction and superior on-road stability, extending tyre life.

The design also includes wide lateral grooves for effective water and mud removal, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning for improved wet weather performance.

Optimised All-Terrain Tread Pattern

Delivers unrivalled traction and reduced noise across all driving conditions, making every journey smooth and enjoyable.

Extra Wide Footprint

Ensures even wear and tear, extending the tyre's life and maintaining consistent performance over time.

Robust Construction with Double Steel Belts

Offers enhanced tread strength for improved steering response and exceptional mileage, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Large Shoulder Blocks

Enhance handling stability and steering accuracy on all surfaces, from slick highways to rugged off-road paths, providing confidence in every turn.



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