Gt Radial

GT Radial Champiro HPX 245/35R19 93W

Redefining ultra-high performance Champiro HPX The GT Radial Champiro HPX tyre offers unmatched traction and fuel efficiency, redefining ultra-high performance and control for modern vehicles. Its advanced silica compound and directional tread design ensure superior handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

SKU: 15792 Manufacturer: GT Radial Tread Pattern: Champiro HPX

Redefining ultra-high performance

The GT Radial Champiro HPX is a pinnacle of tyre innovation, designed for ultra-high performance passenger cars that demand excellence on the road. This tyre features a new advanced full silica compound and a unique directional tread design, incorporating wide shoulder blocks and a solid centre rib with two main grooves for unparalleled control and performance. The Champiro HPX shines in its ability to deliver exceptional handling and traction on both dry and wet surfaces, thanks to its innovative rubber compound and strategic groove placement. These grooves effectively remove water from the contact area, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Moreover, the tyre’s low rolling resistance not only enhances fuel economy but also contributes to the vehicle’s overall driving characteristics by improving acceleration, cornering traction, and steering response.

Designed to perform superbly under various conditions, the GT Radial Champiro HPX tyre is the ideal choice for drivers seeking to maximise their driving experience while maintaining precise control at high speeds.

New Advanced Full Silica Compound

This innovative compound improves traction, particularly on wet roads, and contributes to the tyre's low rolling resistance, leading to better fuel economy and a smoother driving experience.

Directional Tread Design with Wide Shoulder Blocks

Enhances steering control and increases cornering traction, providing drivers with confidence in their vehicle's handling capabilities, especially at high speeds.

Solid Centre Rib with Two Main Grooves

Offers high directional stability and a precise steering response, making for a responsive and engaging driving experience.

Unique Elliptic Shaped Groove

Ensures maximum performance on wet roads by efficiently evacuating water from the tyre's contact area, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning for safer driving in adverse conditions.



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