Gt Radial

GT Radial Champiro BXT+ 235/75R15 105S

Enhanced Performance, All Seasons Champiro BXT+ The GT Radial Champiro BXT+ tyre delivers unparalleled all-season performance for passenger vehicles, combining advanced weather traction with superior durability and control. Its design ensures optimal safety and efficiency, regardless of weather conditions.

SKU: B382 Manufacturer: GT Radial Tread Pattern: Champiro BXT+

Enhanced Performance, All Seasons

The GT Radial Champiro BXT+ is a cutting-edge touring tyre designed for all-season use across a wide range of passenger vehicles and SUVs. It boasts a sophisticated asymmetric tread design and an all-season compound that maintains flexibility across varying temperatures, guaranteeing exceptional traction throughout the year. This tyre is specifically engineered to prevent hydroplaning, with wide circumferential grooves that effectively disperse water and slush, enhancing grip in wet conditions. Furthermore, its advanced design promotes remarkable controllability; the tyre’s asymmetric tread pattern ensures consistent road contact, leading to improved steering responsiveness and stability. With the inclusion of wide shoulder blocks and detailed siping, it excels in cornering and maneuvering, providing drivers with unparalleled control over their vehicles. The GT Radial Champiro BXT+ also features a robust internal structure that resists deformation under pressure, thereby improving driving durability and ensuring safety in all weather conditions.

This latest generation tyre prioritises mileage, longevity, and ride comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of performance and convenience.


All-Season Performance

With its all-season compound and asymmetric tread design, the Champiro BXT+ ensures excellent traction across dry, wet, and lightly snowy conditions, maintaining flexibility in various temperatures.

Enhanced Controllability

The tyre's design allows for quick and precise steering response, ensuring stable handling and improved maneuverability, which translates to safer and more enjoyable driving experiences.

Improved Driving Durability

Its durable construction and advanced tread design prevent deformation under pressure, leading to increased load capacity and safety, ensuring the tyre's longevity even in demanding driving conditions.

Superior Hydroplaning Resistance

Equipped with four wide circumferential grooves and advanced tread features, the Champiro BXT+ effectively evacuates water and slush, significantly reducing the risk of hydroplaning and enhancing wet traction.



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