Gt Radial

GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 185R14

Suits heavy towing KargoMax ST6000 The GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 tyre delivers unparalleled durability and stability for heavy-duty trailer and caravan use, ensuring long distances are covered with ease and reliability.

SKU: 18574 Manufacturer: GT Radial Tread Pattern: KargoMax ST6000

Suits heavy towing

The GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 has been meticulously engineered for the specific demands of heavy-duty trailer and caravan transportation, offering an optimal blend of durability, efficiency, and safety. It features a robust profile design that not only withstands the rigours of long hauls but also combines high abrasion resistance with low rolling resistance, making it ideal for extensive driving distances.

With an extra high load rating, the KargoMax ST6000 is exclusively designed for trailer use, promising unparalleled towing capacity and endurance.

Its reinforced sidewall construction and special rubber compound are tailored to minimise the effects of ageing, such as ozone or UV damage, thus extending the tyre’s service life. Moreover, the tyre’s interior liner is developed from a specially formulated rubber compound that maintains constant air pressure, ensuring consistent performance.

The KargoMax ST6000 is for trailer and caravan use only.


Heavy-Duty Design

Specially crafted for caravan and trailer use, its robust profile design combines high wear resistance with low rolling resistance, offering both durability and fuel efficiency for long hauls.

Enhanced Sidewall Protection

The reinforced sidewall construction and bespoke rubber compound provide superior protection against impacts and the detrimental effects of ozone and UV exposure, ensuring the tyre's longevity and reliability.

High Butyl Content Inner Liner

Features a high butyl content compound that effectively reduces air permeation, keeping air pressure constant and enhancing the tyre's service life.

Optimised for Heavy Towing

Boasting an extra high load rating, the KargoMax ST6000 is optimised for heavy towing, providing unmatched stability and safety for trailers and caravans, ensuring they are equipped to handle substantial weights with ease.



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