Gt Radial

GT Radial Savero A/T 285/50R20 112H

Adventure Without Limits Savero A/T The GT Radial Savero A/T tyre delivers unmatched versatility and durability for 4WD vehicles, ensuring optimal performance on highways and off-road. Its unique design provides excellent stability and traction across diverse terrains.

SKU: B693 Manufacturer: GT Radial Tread Pattern: Savero A/T

Adventure Without Limits

The GT Radial Savero A/T is an all-terrain tyre crafted for 4WD enthusiasts who demand performance, durability, and reliability on both highways and off-road challenges. Engineered with a focus on versatility, it features excellent tread rigidity that enhances handling stability across various terrain surfaces. The tyre’s unique zig-zag block pattern is designed for high traction, offering better floating force on mud surfaces and ensuring safety and control in challenging conditions.

Coupled with its longer service life, the Savero A/T stands out as a tyre that adds significant value to any adventure, ensuring drivers can tackle any journey with confidence.

Versatile Performance

Specially designed for a wide range of road types, providing reliable performance on highways and off-road adventures.

Enhanced Tread Rigidity

Offers excellent handling stability on all terrain surfaces, ensuring a smoother and safer driving experience.

High Traction Design

The unique zig-zag block pattern improves traction, providing superior grip and control on various surfaces.

Extended Service Life

Engineered for durability, offering a longer service life and greater value for 4WD owners.



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