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Giti Tyres

Giti tyres offer an exceptional balance of durability, safety, and efficiency for every drive. Learn more

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Experience the Giti difference

Choosing Giti tyres from Tyreright is all about embracing performance and innovation for every drive. Known for their advanced research and development, Giti tyres offer a blend of safety, durability, and efficiency, designed to suit Australian roads. Whether it’s city commuting or exploring the great outdoors, Giti tyres provide a reliable and comfortable ride, ensuring you get the most out of your vehicle.

Giti tyres: A smart choice for every driver

Giti’s commitment to excellence shines through in its tyre lineup, offering enhanced traction, better fuel economy, and reduced road noise for a quieter, more enjoyable journey. With a focus on environmental sustainability, Giti tyres are built to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance or safety. Ideal for drivers who demand the best in technology and value, Giti tyres stand out for their quality and innovative design.

Why choose Tyreright for your Giti tyres

At Tyreright, we’re not just about selling tyres; we’re about offering a solution that fits your lifestyle and driving needs. Our experts are here to guide you through our extensive range of Giti tyres, ensuring you find the perfect match for your car. With competitive pricing, expert fitting services, and nationwide support, Tyreright makes buying Giti tyres straightforward and stress-free. Trust us to keep you moving with confidence, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.


Giti – Driving the world

Giti Tire is a Singapore-Based, Global Tyre Company, offering a complete range of quality tyres and services. The company provides tyres to more than 130 countries and is ranked among the world’s largest tyre companies with revenue of $3.1 billion in 2019.

With its roots going back more than 65 years in the tyre industry, Giti understands the requisites of being a resilient and consistent tyre manufacturer in the highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace and has the necessary resources in place.

Today, the Giti business platform fully integrates its worldwide manufacturing and R&D footprint, and innovative sales, marketing, and distribution channels together with its global motorsports activities to assure its future growth.

The Giti tyre difference

Quality and consistent manufacturing are at the heart of what Giti does. Our distributors and drivers rely on the best products, which require extensive research, manufacturing equipment, materials, human resources, and quality control to meet the high demands of today’s consumers.

A focus on production & quality management

In each of Giti’s eight plants, the company sets the highest standard of quality control procedures. A highly stringent quality control system and concern for the safety and quality demands in regions across the globe separates the brand from the competition.

Top class R&D facilities & personnel

A team of over 600 experienced R&D engineers in five cutting-edge facilities around the world and top-quality equipment ensure the utmost quality of tyre production and delivery.

Awards and recognition from the best

The company has earned extensive recognition from highly credited organizations around the world and some of the automotive industry’s largest names, including multiple top supplier awards from General Motors.

Respect around the world

Giti products are trusted by all types of individuals, from the everyday driver to top motorsports performers. Through top performance and an extensive dealer network, the brand has a reputation for quality, performance, and safety.

A greater mission

Giti has an environmental and humanitarian drive that ties into all actions. The company focuses on multiple areas to properly educate people about driving and tyre care, reduce energy consumption and pollution, as well as provide financial resources to help make the world a better place.

Enjoy driving

These simple two words are more than just an expression: they express the passion of Giti and how we aspire to be a positive part of every driver’s experience. Whether you are a parent driving your family to school or someone transporting goods across the country for business, Giti always hopes to present the best product and service to Enjoy driving.

Explore Our Range of Giti Tyres Tyres in Australia

Comfort F22

The Comfort F22 is a passenger car tyre which highlights silence and comfort.

Comfort F22 225/40R18 Comfort F22 225/45R17

Control P10

An ultra high performance summer tyre, the Giti Control P10 provides comfort and silent driving, bringing you and your family a safe and fun ride.

Control P10 215/45R18 Control P10 235/40R18 Control P10 235/45R17 Control P10 235/45R18 Control P10 245/40R18 Control P10 245/45R18 Control P10 245/60R18

Sports S1

The Giti Sports S1 is a pure UHP tyre designed to satisfy the needs of the tough driving condition. Exceptional grip, short braking distances in wet conditions, are among the key features of this product.

Sports S1 245/35R20 95Y Sports S1 255/35R20 97Y Sports S1 295/35R21 107Y

Van HD1

The Giti Van HD1 offers an ultra flat tyre design contour giving extraordinary mileage performance and smooth wear. This tyre has an 'A' rating for wet weather driving due to the advanced compound.

Van HD1 205/70R17 115R

4X4 AT71

The special designed 4X4 AT71 all terrain pattern is for off-road vehicles. It features low noise and durability in performance.

4X4 AT71 225/65R17

Comfort F50

Comfort F50 is a comfortable SUV tyre. Dispersion improved nano silica reinforced material dramatically reduces the amount of friction, reducing heat from the tyres saving energy and fuel.

Comfort F50 215/55R18 95H Comfort F50 225/55R19 99H Comfort F50 225/60R18 100H Comfort F50 235/55R18 100V

Control P80

The Giti Control P80, is a high performance tyre designed for premium vehicles. Combining top technology and advanced wet and dry handling, it's available in both standard and runflat versions.

Control P80 235/55R20 102W Control P80 255/50R19 107W Control P80 255/55R18 109W Control P80 255/55R20 110W

Sports S2

The German engineered Giti Sport S2 is designed to take premium vehicles to the next level, merging the finest control with wet driving and braking strengths.

Sports S2 225/40R18 92Y Sports S2 235/35R19 Sports S2 245/45R18 100Y Sports S2 245/45R19 102Y Sports S2 255/45R20 105W Sports S2 265/45R20 104Y Sports S2 275/45R20 110Y Sports S2 295/35R21 107Y

4X4 HT152

The Giti 4x4 HT152 is a top level highway and all terrain tyre, offering great mileage and distance driving, as well as enhanced wet grip and safety features.

4X4 HT152 215/70R16 4X4 HT152 225/55R18 4X4 HT152 235/60R17

Comfort SUV520

The classic Giti Comfort SUV520 tyre delivers safety and consistency, providing SUV drivers with a comfortable and positive driving experience.

Comfort SUV520 235/60R16 100H

Synergy E1

The Synergy E1 gives excellent efficiency without compromise in safety and premium performance too. A new profile design gives excellent fuel efficience and great driving safety in wet conditions.

Synergy E1 195/55R15 85V Synergy E1 195/65R15 91V Synergy E1 205/60R16 92H

Comfort 228V1

The newly upgraded Comfort 228V1 tyre provides the advantages of comfort and low noise, while also delivering great control and handling for premium and modern vehicles.

Comfort 228V1 205/55R16 91V Comfort 228V1 205/65R16 95V Comfort 228V1 215/45R17

Comfort T20

The Comfort T20 tyre is designed for passenger cars, providing great value and an overall driving experience. It promises outstanding mileage and strong body construction to protect you from road hazards on your journey.

Comfort T20 215/60R16 95H


The Giti GSR235 is an all-position regional tyre designed for light commercial trucks, offering exceptional wear resistance and durability. Its advanced compound and design ensure safety and long-lasting performance.

GSR235 195/85R16 114L

Comfort 520V1

This newly upgraded Comfort 520V1 SUV tyre adds even more performance to its focus on comfort and safety, allowing for great braking and control in multiple conditions.

Comfort 520V1 235/65R18 106V

Van 600

The GitiVan 600 is known for its consistency and durability, providing commercial van drivers with tyres they can trust.

Van 600 195/75R16 110N Van 600 195R15