Kumho Crugen Premium 235/60R18 103H

Premium on-road SUV tyre Crugen Premium The CRUGEN Premium SUV tyre offering high quality control and optimum handling in on-road conditions.

SKU: 9177023 Manufacturer: Kumho Tread Pattern: Crugen Premium KL33

Premium on-road SUV tyre

The Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 redefines luxury driving, providing an exceptional combination of comfort and performance for premium SUVs.

Engineered as an original equipment (OE) choice for models like the Hyundai Santa Fe and KIA Sorento, this tyre incorporates advanced technology to enhance ride quality and reduce noise levels. Its optimized tread design ensures well-balanced traction on wet and dry surfaces, while the innovative semi-knurling on the inner blocks and 3D block technology significantly improve handling.

The four-channel main grooves enhance hydroplaning resistance, ensuring safe and stable driving in adverse weather conditions.

Outstanding Ride Comfort

Utilizes an optimum tread pitch design that minimizes road noise and vibration, offering a supremely comfortable driving experience.

Enhanced Dry and Wet Traction

Features a combination of semi-knurling and 3D blocks for improved grip on both dry and wet roads, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Hydroplaning Resistance

Equipped with four deep channel grooves that effectively disperse water, enhancing safety and stability during heavy rain.

Low Noise Design

Carefully engineered tread pattern reduces road harmonics, providing a quieter ride that enhances the luxury feel of your vehicle.



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