Kumho Ecsta V720 245/40R17 91W

Engineered for the track Ecsta V720 The Kumho Ecsta V720 is engineered for the track yet perfectly at home on the streets, blending heart-pounding dry performance with unwavering wet confidence and remarkable durability for a tyre that thrives at speed.

SKU: 9182403 Manufacturer: Kumho Tread Pattern: Ecsta V720

Engineered for the track

The Kumho Ecsta V720 represents the pinnacle of performance tyre technology, specifically developed for the adrenaline rush of the track while being fully adapted for everyday road use. This tyre stands out for its ability to deliver exhilarating performance on dry roads, offering drivers the confidence they need when conditions get wet. Despite its racing DNA, the V720 boasts an unusually long lifespan, a rare feat for tyres designed to live life in the fast lane.

It incorporates a special racing compound to maximise grip and enhance cornering performance, high tensile carcass belts and reinforced bead apex for superior handling and stability, alongside innovative features designed to combat hydroplaning and dissipate heat for increased durability at high speeds.


Special Racing Compound

Applied to maximise grip and cornering performance, this feature ensures the tyre adheres to the road in the most demanding conditions, providing an unrivalled driving experience.

High Tensile Carcass Belts and Reinforced Bead Apex

Optimises handling performance and stability, offering drivers a sense of control and security, whether on a straight highway or navigating through challenging curves.

Cross Lateral and Wide Centre Grooves

These tread features help channel water away from the tyre's footprint, significantly reducing the risk of hydroplaning and ensuring confident driving in wet conditions.

3D Heat Radiation Dimples

Designed to release heat build-up, these dimples increase the tyre's durability at high speeds, ensuring both safety and longevity even under the stress of aggressive driving.



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