Kumho EcoWing ES01 KH27 175/65R15 84H

Eco-friendly and fuel efficient EcoWing ES01 KH27 The ECOWING ES01 KH27 contains fuel economy and eco-friendly characteristics with great handling performance.

SKU: 9153453 Manufacturer: Kumho Tread Pattern: EcoWing ES01 KH27

Advanced Eco-Friendly Performance with Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

The Kumho Ecowing ES01 (KH27) represents the forefront of eco-friendly driving, integrating advanced technologies to reduce environmental impact while enhancing road performance.

This tyre features a low rolling resistance design, achieving up to 5.1% better fuel economy compared to standard tyres. It is equipped with a unique tread pattern and high dispersion silica that improve traction and water clearance, ensuring superior wet performance and handling. Recognized as an original equipment (OE) tyre for leading manufacturers like BMW, Volkswagen, and Hyundai.

The Ecowing ES01 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern vehicles, offering a balance of economy, eco-friendliness, and driving excellence.

Percentage improvements in fuel efficiency are based on internal tests comparing the Kumho Ecowing ES01 (KH27) to equivalent conventional tyres under controlled conditions. Actual results may vary depending on vehicle type, driving style, and road conditions.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Specialised low rolling resistance technology contributes to a 5.1% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to conventional tyres, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious drivers.

Superior Wet Grip and Traction

Strengthened ribs and an improved centre block pattern enhance grip and traction, particularly in wet conditions, ensuring safer and more stable driving.

Optimal Handling and Cornering

The closed and notched shoulder design provides better handling and cornering capabilities, giving drivers confidence on the road, regardless of the weather.

Advanced Water Clearance

The longitudinal three-channel and wide lateral groove design effectively improve water clearance, greatly enhancing performance in wet conditions and reducing hydroplaning risks.



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