Kumho Ecsta HS52 195/50R15 82

A New Standard Ecsta HS52 The Kumho Ecsta HS52 tyre sets a new standard for premium sedans and sports vehicles, blending unmatched comfort with superior safety. Its innovative design ensures exceptional grip and braking on both wet and dry roads.

SKU: 9303363 Manufacturer: Kumho Tread Pattern: Ecsta HS52

A New Standard

The Kumho Ecsta HS52, succeeding the acclaimed Ecsta HS51, embodies the pinnacle of tyre technology, offering a harmonious balance between plush comfort and dynamic performance. Designed for drivers of premium sedans and sports cars, this tyre features an award-winning pattern that delivers a ride as smooth as it is safe. Its asymmetrical tread design optimizes handling across varied conditions, ensuring confidence-inspiring grip and effective water evacuation to combat aquaplaning. The integration of advanced compound technology further elevates wet and dry performance while extending tyre life beyond its predecessor.

With the Ecsta HS52, drivers can expect a tranquil, comfortable journey complemented by the peace of mind that comes with top-tier safety and braking capabilities.

Asymmetrical Tread Design

This innovative design provides balanced handling on both wet and dry surfaces, enhancing driver confidence under varied driving conditions.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Wide tread grooves optimize water drainage, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning and ensuring safer driving in heavy rain.

Advanced Compound Technology

A unique blend of high-grip resins, highly dispersible silica, and multi-functionalised polymers delivers superior performance. This technology not only improves grip for safer driving but also extends the tyre's lifespan, offering better mileage than its predecessor.

Multi Pitch Arrangement

The strategic arrangement of tread blocks significantly reduces noise, contributing to a quieter, more comfortable ride without compromising on performance.



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