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The Right Grip: A Guide to Steer Tyres for Trucks and Buses

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When it comes to hitting the road, having the right bus tyres and truck tyres in the correct axle position is critical to reducing downtime, increasing fuel efficiency and tyre life, and ensuring your comfort and safety.

Buses and Trucks have three different types of tyres: steer tyres, drive tyres and trailer tyres. Your truck’s steer tyres are designed to sit on the front axle. Up here, they take all the stresses and strains of turning your vehicle.

Choosing the right tyre model for your specific rig comes down to weather conditions, tyre size and performance criteria. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the Right Bus and Truck Steer Tyres:

Tyre Size and Load Capacity: The first step in choosing the right steer tyres is determining the correct size and load capacity. These factors are essential for ensuring stability and proper weight distribution.

The tyre’s load capacity, or load Index, is displayed on the tyre sidewall, along with the tyre size. It specifies how much weight the tyre can take when inflated to the correct tyre pressure. Never exceed it! Choose a tyre that can cope with the loads you intend to haul. And when replacing tyres, the new tyre’s size and load index should be the same as the original one.

Consult your vehicle manual or talk to a Tyreright tyre expert who’ll help you select the appropriate size and load rating.

Tread Design: The tread design of a steer tyre is crucial for maintaining control, especially in adverse weather conditions. For trucks and buses, it’s advisable to opt for tyres with deep and aggressive treads that provide excellent traction. Treads with sipes and grooves help to disperse water effectively, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

All-Season Versatility: We know that Australian road conditions can be unpredictable. If you drive in areas with extreme temperatures or variable weather, look for steer tyres that offer all-season versatility. These tyres perform well in a variety of conditions, ensuring safety throughout the year.

Durability and Longevity: Invest in high-quality steer tyres that are built to last. While initial costs might be higher, durable tyres can save you money in the long run by reducing the frequency of replacements. Look for tyres with reinforced sidewalls and long-wearing tread compounds.

Comfort: As they are located directly under the cabin, steer tyres also have the most impact on comfort. Choose steer axle tyres that use special absorption materials within the tyre. They reduce external noise and vibrations and ensure you enjoy a smoother and quieter ride.

Brand Reputation: Reputation matters when choosing steer tyres. Well-known brands with a history of quality and reliability are often a safer choice. Do some research, read reviews, and talk to your local Tyreright store to gain insights into the performance and durability of different tyre brands.

At Tyreright, we offer Australia’s largest selection of brands with truck steer tyres for sale and bus steer tyres for sale, as well as quality re-treads to suit various budgets.

You can choose from internationally trusted brands suited for tough Australian road conditions and backed by manufacturer warranties. You can be confident they’re right for your rig. We only ever recommend tyres that provide outstanding performance and help you to save on costs. It’s why so many bus and trucking businesses trust Tyreright experts to supply, fit, and maintain their fleets.

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Posted 10/11/2023