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Double Coin Tyres

When you choose Double Coin tyres from Tyreright, you're choosing tyres that are built to last and designed to perform. Learn more

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Double Coin delivers reliable road performance

Double Coin is renowned for its durable construction and exceptional value, offering a reliable driving experience for all types of vehicles. Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling country roads, Double Coin tyres provide dependable traction and wear resistance, ensuring your safety and comfort on every trip.

Why Double Coin stands out

Double Coin tyres are engineered for drivers seeking both quality and economy. With a focus on extending tyre life and enhancing fuel efficiency, Double Coin uses advanced technology to ensure their tyres meet the rigorous demands of Australian driving conditions. Their comprehensive range includes options for a variety of vehicles, each with specialised tread patterns to optimise grip and stability in wet and dry conditions, making them a practical choice for Aussie drivers.

The Tyreright advantage for your Double Coin purchase

At Tyreright, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect Double Coin tyres for your vehicle and driving needs. Our expertise and dedication to customer service mean you’ll receive personalised advice, competitive pricing, and professional tyre fitting services. Plus, with Tyreright’s nationwide support, you can drive confidently knowing we’ve got you covered wherever your journey takes you. Choose Tyreright for a straightforward and satisfying tyre buying experience, and discover why Double Coin is the smart choice for drivers who value performance and affordability.

Double Coin

Double Coin – Smart investment, smart choice

Double Coin stands for performance, quality, exceptional value and safety.
The company’s entrepreneurs established China’s rubber industry national brands “Double Coin” and “Warrior” in 1929 and 1935 respectively. They combined imported technology with independent innovation, developed and manufactured many firsts in China’s tyre industry and cultivated and promoted the development of China’s tyre industry.

The company’s main products are all-steel radial truck tyres, all-steel radial light truck tyres, all-steel radial off-the-road tyres, all-steel radial industrial tyresagricultural radial tyresradial passenger tyresbias truck tyresbias light truck tyresbias industrial tyres, etc. The company enjoys self-support import and export rights, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions abroad.

The company has a state-level enterprise technical center, and strong technology research and development abilities based on the introduction of international state-of-the-art technology, focusing on improving the capability of independent innovation. All-steel radial truck tyres have more than 60 specifications and nearly 500 varieties, and the product quality is stable and reliable. The company has passed the quality certifications of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and Brazil (INMETRO) respectively, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the national compulsory product certification (“CCC” certification in China), ISO14001 environmental system certification and ISO/TS16949 system certification.

Our customers know that Double Coin stands for performance, quality, exceptional value and safety. We are dedicated to offering an innovative TBR tyre and OTR trye product line, providing unwavering support, and delivering more tyre value to our customers.

Explore Our Range of Double Coin Tyres Tyres in Australia


Excellent handling, good wear, all seasons performance and a sporty appearance. That's what you can expect from the DC-99. The tread pattern with big blocks on the outside increases ground contact and j shaped sipes and straight groove on the inside improve water flow for safety at all speeds.

DC-99 195/55R16 91H DC-99 205/55R16 91 DC-99 205/65R15 94 DC-99 225/50R17 98W DC-99 225/55R16 95

DS-66 HP

The DS-66 HP provides excellent handling, comfortable driving, assured safety. The central continuous ribs design gives straight stability at high speed.

DS-66 HP 225/55R18 102W DS-66 HP 225/55R18 98 DS-66 HP 225/55R19 99 DS-66 HP 225/60R18 100H DS-66 HP 235/55R18 100 DS-66 HP 245/55R19 103T DS-66 HP 245/60R18 105H DS-66 HP 255/50R19 107W DS-66 HP 265/60R18 110H


The Double Coin RT500 for light trucks combines superior handling with unmatched durability. Its innovative 5-rib design and special tread compounds ensure longevity and stability across diverse applications.

RT500 750R16


DC-32's Silica tread compound, gives high speed performance and amazing grip in wet or dry conditions.

DC-32 195/50R16 88 DC-32 205/45R16 87W DC-32 205/45R17 88W DC-32 215/45R16 90


The DL-19 gives excellent wet and dry performance. Three longtudinal drainage grooves allows superior water evacuation. A zigzag sipes pattern enhances grip in wet and dry conditions.

DL-19 195/70R15 DL-19 195R15


Adaptable to all road conditions, the DS-AT+ is a long life tyre using an environmentally friendly formula to increase tyre life by 15%.

DS-AT+ 235/70R16 106T DS-AT+ 245/70R16 107T DS-AT+ 265/65R17 112T


Even wear, easy operation, fast braking in all conditions, that's the DC-80. With three main wide longitudinal grooves and inclined lateral grooves it's the ideal combination to ensure driving safety on wet roads.

DC-80 165/60R14 75T DC-80 175/60R14 79H


The DL-70 has a wide tread design allowing for increased ground contact and stronger grip giving more stable handling. It is ideal for straight line highway and city delivery driving conditions.

DL-70 185R14


The Double Coin RLB1 tire offers unmatched durability and traction for light trucks, featuring an open shoulder and deep tread design. It's built to navigate through rain, snow, and mud with ease.

RLB1 825R16


The DC-80+ offers good wear, long tyre life and safe handling in wet conditions.

DC-80+ 175/70R14 84T


The Double Coin DS-60 tyre offers unparalleled stability and safety on wet roads, combining cutting-edge design with long-distance comfort. Its unique tread pattern ensures even wear and high mileage.

DS-60 215/75R15 100S DS-60 225/75R15 102S


The Double Coin RLB300 for light trucks offers unmatched traction and durability, designed to elevate safety and performance on the highways. Its unique block pattern and advanced construction cater to rigorous driving demands.

RLB300 650R16 RLB300 700R16


Excellent handling, good wear, all season performance and a sporty appearance, that's what you get with the DS-66. The five pitch design gives maximum noise reduction providing a comfortable ride.

DS-66 225/75R15 102S


The Double Coin RR202 is a high-performance highway service tyre for light trucks, designed for superior handling and durability. Its 5-rib configuration and advanced tread design ensure safe and efficient travel.

RR202 200R16