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Light Commercial Tyres for On and Off-Road Adventures

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When you’re exploring off-road trails, hauling heavy loads, or towing a caravan or trailer, you want a tyre that goes beyond the everyday.

Light commercial tyres marked with the letters ‘LT’ on their sidewalls are renowned for their exceptional versatility and resilience. They are suitable for use on all sorts of vehicles from commercial vans, utes, and off-road vehicles to caravans, trailers, and small to heavy-duty trucks.

Designed to excel both on and off-road, with a heavy-duty load capacity, they are the ideal choice for both commercial drivers and outdoor enthusiasts. Harsh industrial terrain, rocks, bumps, and potholes are not a problem. Special polymers are added to the rubber compound to increase wear resistance, and the tyre carcass is reinforced to provide greater strength and puncture resistance.

Let’s look at their all-terrain capabilities and discover how light truck tyres can elevate your adventures.

On-Road Comfort

While mainly for driving on uneven or rough surfaces, the best light commercial tyres also display an impressive urban on-road performance. Whether you’re doing the daily commute or a long road trip, their deep tread patterns enhance grip, traction, and braking, bolstering your safety in adverse conditions, such as rain and snow.

Off-Road Tenacity

The hallmark of LT tyres is their off-road prowess. With chunky, deeper tread patterns and wider grooves to distribute weight efficiently and offer improved traction, they effortlessly tackle gravel paths, rocky trails, and muddy tracks. Their robust reinforced sidewall construction ensures greater durability and enhanced protection from external damage. With these workhorses, you can confidently navigate remote and rugged destinations or local industrial sites, knowing your vehicle is equipped to safely handle the toughest environments.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Light commercial tyres are more than just rugged performers – they excel in carrying heavy loads. With a load capacity ranging from ½ ton to 1 ton, be it camping gear, tools, or supplies for your off-road adventure, these tyres are built to ensure stability and safety when carrying substantial loads. To do this, they have a beefed-up carcass with more load-bearing layers and a high profile, which helps them disperse heat better. And, as they are specifically designed to carry heavier weights, they run at much higher inflation pressures.

Knowing how high to inflate them depends on factors like the type of tyre, the type of vehicle, the weight of the load, how you drive and the road conditions. The rule of thumb is the heavier the load, the more pressure you need – but never exceed the maximum pressure. To work that out, look for the tyre’s load rating on its sidewall. This number specifies the maximum load the tyre can carry when inflated at the maximum permitted cold pressure specified by the manufacturer. You could also use our tyre load rating chart to work out how much weight your specific tyres can carry.

See Tyreright for the best light truck tyres Australia has to offer

Light commercial tyres offer an all-round solution for highway cruising and off-road adventures. Their on-road comfort, off-road tenacity, load-bearing capacity, and all-season dependability make them the ultimate choice for a range of vehicles.

Of course, deciding which tyre to choose for your specific vehicle can be tricky. It’s a good idea to check out the features of different models and compare them. Fortunately, Tyreright has Australia’s largest selection of brands. If you’re unsure about which tyre is right for you, Tyreright’s team of experts are ready to chat.

To find light truck tyres near you, head to your local Tyreright Store or go online and browse our list of light truck tyres for sale and see our light truck tyres prices.

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Posted 10/11/2023