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Radar Renegade A/T Sport 265/70R17 123S

Made for all terrains Renegade A/T Sport The Renegade A/T Sport: Next-gen all terrain range for off-road prowess with a quiet, smooth on-road ride. Improved grip, stability, and silica based durability. Quieter thanks to centre tread grooves.

SKU: 5350RAS Manufacturer: Radar Tread Pattern: Renegade A/T Sport

Made for all terrains

The Renegade A/T Sport is a next generation all terrain range that is engineered for drivers that need exceptional off-road performance while giving a quiet, smooth on-road ride. This range offers a combination of increased off-road grip, enhanced stability and handling performance, and excellent traction. This range utilises a special silica based tread compound that offers outstanding cut and chip resistance along with circumferential grooves on the centre tread blocks for a quieter ride.

Exceptional all terrain traction

Optimized interlocking tread block design in combination with reverse radius on shoulder blocks.

Outstanding cut and chip resistance

Special Silica-based compound that provides cut and chip resistance and grip in all conditions.

Increased stability and handling performance

Wide centre block design in combination with connecting tie-bars across the shoulder blocks.

Enhanced durability and puncture resistance

A unique combination of stone ejectors and serrations on the bottom tread adds an additional layer of reinforcement to increase puncture resistance and casing protection.



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