Goodyear Optilife SUV 215/65R16 102H

Engineered for the long haul Optilife SUV The Goodyear Optilife SUV tyre is engineered for the long haul, offering unmatched durability, precise steering, and superior grip. Featuring TredLife Technology, it promises even tread wear and extended mileage for SUV drivers.

SKU: GY547235 Manufacturer: Goodyear Tread Pattern: Optilife SUV

Engineered for the long haul

Crafted with the demands of SUV drivers in mind, the Goodyear Optilife SUV tyre represents the pinnacle of highway tyre technology, offering a blend of longevity, precision, and performance. Its advanced TredLife Technology ensures even tread wear, significantly extending tyre life without sacrificing grip or safety. The tyre’s high-performance carcass construction is designed to resist curb-side damage, making it a reliable companion for both urban and highway driving.

With a multitude of biting edges, it provides enhanced grip, traction, and braking, while an optimized pitch sequence and high centreline block angles deliver a ride that is as comfortable as it is quiet. Additionally, the presence of circumferential grooves effectively repels water, ensuring improved handling under wet conditions.

Whether navigating tight city streets or cruising on the open highway, the Goodyear Optilife SUV tyre is designed to meet the specific needs of mid-size SUVs, offering drivers peace of mind and a superior driving experience.

TredLife Technology

Promotes even tread wear and extends mileage, providing great value and longevity for SUV drivers.

High-Performance Carcass Construction

Offers resistance against curb-side damage, ensuring durability and reliability in a variety of driving conditions.

Enhanced Grip and Braking

The tyre's design includes a high number of biting edges for improved traction and braking, offering superior control and safety.

Quiet and Comfortable Ride

An enhanced pitch sequence and high centreline block angles minimise road noise and ensure a smooth, comfortable driving experience, even on long journeys.

Improved Wet Handling

Circumferential grooves help to efficiently channel water away from the tyre, enhancing grip and handling in wet conditions, ensuring driver confidence during rainy weather.



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