Dunlop EconoDrive 205/65R16 103T

Economical, Durable, Efficient EconoDrive The Dunlop EconoDrive tyre is engineered for light commercial vehicles, offering exceptional mileage and fuel efficiency. Its advanced design ensures durability, handling, and safety, especially in wet conditions.

SKU: 566936 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: EconoDrive

Economical, Durable, Efficient

Designed specifically for commercial vehicles that demand high performance without compromising on economy, the Dunlop EconoDrive tyre stands out for its outstanding mileage and fuel efficiency. This tyre incorporates an even footprint pressure distribution and a blend of carbon and silica compounds, which contribute to its long-wearing characteristics and robustness. Enhanced carcass design, open shoulder, and transverse grooves work together to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, ensuring confident handling in wet weather conditions. Additionally, its stiff sidewall construction is tailor-made for the demands of commercial driving, offering enhanced durability and handling.

The EconoDrive is the go-to tyre for businesses seeking to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs, without sacrificing performance or safety.

Improved Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

The EconoDrive's design and compound blend are optimised to enhance fuel efficiency and provide outstanding mileage, reducing the overall cost of operation for commercial vehicles.

Long-Wearing Compound

With a focus on longevity, this tyre features a durable compound that stands up to extensive use, ensuring a longer lifespan and fewer tyre replacements over time.

Enhanced Durability and Handling

The stiff sidewall construction and even footprint pressure distribution contribute to the tyre's robustness and improved handling characteristics, providing a stable and controlled driving experience.

Superior Wet Weather Performance

Designed with open shoulder and transverse grooves, the EconoDrive efficiently channels water away from the tyre, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning and enhancing safety and confidence on wet roads.



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