Bridgestone V-Steel Rib R202 195/75R16 110N

V-Steel Rib Tread Design V-Steel Rib R202 The Bridgestone R202 tyre is crafted for light trucks and mini buses, offering exceptional durability and comfort. With its V-Steel rib design, it provides enhanced handling, reduced wear, and quieter rides for both city and highway driving.

SKU: 11006134 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: V-Steel Rib R202

V-Steel Rib Tread Design

The Bridgestone V-Steel Rib R202 stands as a pinnacle of tyre innovation, specifically engineered for light trucks and mini buses that require reliable performance across diverse driving conditions. This all-position rib tyre is distinguished by its unique V-Steel rib tread design, which ensures heavy-duty performance while minimizing irregular wear, extending the tyre’s life significantly.

It’s designed to deliver high levels of steering response and wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for both city traffic and long highway stretches. The non-directional tread pattern further contributes to a quieter driving experience, reducing road noise for a more comfortable ride.

Whether navigating through urban streets or cruising on the open highway, the Bridgestone R202 offers superior manoeuvrability, dependable performance, and excellent responsive handling, ensuring a safe and smooth journey every time.

V-Steel Rib Tread Design

Offers responsive handling and strong resistance against wear, providing a more reliable and controlled driving experience.

Non-Directional Tread Pattern

Engineered to reduce road noise, the R202 ensures a quieter, more comfortable ride, enhancing the overall driving experience.

High Steering Response

Designed for superior manoeuvrability, this tyre offers an exceptional level of steering response, ideal for both city and highway driving.

Improved Wear Resistance

The R202 is built to last, with a design that improves wear resistance, ensuring a longer tyre life and better value over time.



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