Bridgestone Potenza Sport 235/45R18 98Y

Better never settles Potenza Sport The Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyre sets a new benchmark for sport road tyres, offering drivers unparalleled confidence and control. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it delivers exceptional stability at high speeds and superior performance in wet conditions.

SKU: 11005617 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Potenza Sport

Better never settles

Bridgestone’s Potenza Sport represents the pinnacle of sport road tyre innovation, meticulously designed for drivers who refuse to compromise on power and precision. This new flagship tyre features an advanced compound, innovative crown technology, a bespoke tread pattern, and a tailored carcass design, all optimised to surpass the expectations of the most demanding drivers. The asymmetric wall angle on ribs and a new hybrid crown reinforcement belt provide unmatched rigidity and lateral stiffness, ensuring superb stability during cornering and straight-line performance. Its optimised rib and void distribution, along with a variable rib profile, enhance contact pressure and water evacuation for ultimate wet performance.

Innovative 3D sipes increase shear stiffness, benefiting wet braking and abrasion resistance. The sporty carcass package, with its tailored textiles, bead filler, and shape, sharpens steering response and stability while optimising rolling resistance.

The high-performance profile shape maximises road contact area, enhancing grip and stability for a driving experience that redefines the limits of performance.

Superb Stability and Cornering

The tyre's asymmetric wall angle and hybrid crown reinforcement belt enhance rigidity and lateral stiffness, offering exceptional stability during cornering and straight runs.

Ultimate Wet Performance

Optimised rib and void distribution with a variable rib profile ensure excellent contact pressure and water evacuation, delivering superior performance under wet conditions.

Excellent Wet Braking and Abrasion Resistance

Innovative 3D sipes increase shear stiffness, providing notable improvements in wet braking and resistance to abrasion.

Enhanced Steering Response and Stability

The sporty carcass package, featuring tailored textiles, bead filler, and a specially designed shape, supports improved steering response and stability, while optimising rolling resistance for an efficient ride.



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