Bridgestone Duravis R660 205/65R16 107T

Minimises vehicle down time Duravis R660 The Bridgestone Duravis R660 tyre sets the standard for van/light truck commercial tyres in Europe, delivering unparalleled safety, durability, and comfort. Designed to reduce downtime and enhance the driving experience, it's the ideal partner for the modern commercial vehicle.

SKU: 11006498 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Duravis R660

Minimises vehicle down time

The Bridgestone Duravis R660 emerges as the pinnacle of van and light truck commercial tyre innovation from Europe, crafted to satisfy the comprehensive demands of today’s commercial vehicle drivers. This tyre promises not just a long wear life but also excels in wet braking performance and low road noise, making every journey safer and more comfortable.

Developed with an emphasis on safety, durability, comfort, and efficiency, the Duravis R660 ensures minimal vehicle downtime, allowing drivers and businesses to maximise productivity.

Its superior design and technology translate into a shorter braking distance in wet conditions, a quieter ride, and extended tyre life, embodying the perfect blend of performance and practicality for the modern workmate.

Longer Wear Life

The Duravis R660 is engineered to last longer, significantly minimising vehicle downtime and extending the intervals between tyre replacements, thus saving time and money.

Exceptional Wet Braking Performance

With its advanced design, this tyre ensures a shorter braking distance in wet conditions, enhancing safety and comfort for the driver and passengers.

Reduced Road Noise

The tyre's construction is optimised to generate lower noise levels, making for a more enjoyable and less tiring journey, especially important in commercial use.

Multi-Purpose Efficiency

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern commercial vehicle, the Duravis R660 offers an excellent balance of safety, durability, and comfort, proving itself as the ultimate workmate on the road.



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