Bridgestone Duravis R205 205/65R16

For 3 to 10 tonne trucks Duravis R205 The Bridgestone Duravis R205 tyre offers unparalleled durability and performance for 3 to 10 tonne trucks and commercial vehicles. Its innovative design ensures long wear life and strong wet braking, ideal for high-demand applications.

SKU: 710472 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Duravis R205

For 3 to 10 tonne trucks

Engineered for the long haul, the Bridgestone Duravis R205 is a highway all position rib type tyre specifically designed for trucks and commercial vehicles ranging from 3 to 10 tonnes. This tyre combines advanced technology in both tread and carcass construction to provide a robust solution that resists irregular wear, a common issue in steer axle tyres of light trucks.

The square tread design and wide shoulder significantly reduce shoulder wear, extending the tyre’s life by up to 15% compared to its predecessor, the R202. Additionally, the improved lateral sipe design offers exceptional wet braking and grip, ensuring safety and reliability in all conditions.

The Duravis R205 is the ideal choice for professionals who demand durability, safety, and performance from their vehicles.

Wear-Resistant Tread Compound

With a new tread compound that offers greater resistance to wear, the Duravis R205 achieves a 15% increase in wear life compared to the Bridgestone R202, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced operational costs.

Square Tread Design and Wide Shoulder

This innovative design approach reduces shoulder wear, significantly extending the tyre's overall life and performance, making it a cost-effective solution for commercial fleets.

Improved Lateral Sipe Design

The advanced sipe design enhances wet braking and grip, even in worn conditions, providing outstanding safety features that protect both driver and cargo under challenging weather conditions.

Non-Directional Pattern and Excellent Steering Response

Its non-directional pattern is suited for light trucks, offering excellent steering response, reduced irregular wear, and a longer wear life. This results in better handling and stability across a variety of road conditions.



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