Bridgestone B-Series B250 175/65R15 84H

Quiet Comfort, Durable Safety B-Series B250 The Bridgestone B-Series B250 tyre delivers a harmonious blend of ride comfort and durability, ensuring a quiet, smooth journey. Engineered for safety and extended tyre life, it's the original equipment on select vehicles, embodying trusted performance.

SKU: 703286 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: B-Series B250

Quiet Comfort, Durable Safety

The Bridgestone B-Series B250 stands as a testament to tyre innovation, offering drivers a total balance between safety, comfort, and longevity. This tyre is meticulously designed to minimize road noise, providing a serene driving experience without compromising on safety or handling. With a unique tread design that emphasizes even wear, the B250 extends tyre life significantly, making it a cost-effective choice for motorists.

Its flat crown radius enhances wear resistance, further prolonging its lifespan. As original equipment on a variety of leading brand family cars, the B-Series B250 is recognized for its all-around performance, offering strong handling, a comfortable ride, and robust wear life.

Whether navigating wet roads or enjoying a quiet drive on the highway, the Bridgestone B250 ensures a dependable and comfortable journey.

Noise Reduction Technology

Designed to cut down on road noise, the B250 tyre offers a tranquil driving experience, allowing you to enjoy the journey in peace.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Its construction provides a smooth, cushioned ride, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall vehicle comfort.

Improved Wear Resistance

The flat crown radius and tread design of the tyre contribute to superior wear resistance, granting a longer lifespan and more value for money.

Exceptional Safety Features

Offering excellent traction, stability, and braking performance, especially on wet roads, the B250 enhances safety with its resistance to aquaplaning and ensures reliable handling in various driving conditions.



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