Radar Tyres

Radar RLT71 225/70R15 112R

Ultimate performance light truck tyre RLT71 RLT-71: Premium commercial tyre for small to medium vans. Superior wet & dry performance, safety and load capacity.

SKU: 5131RC Manufacturer: Radar Tread Pattern: RLT71

Ultimate performance light truck tyre

The RLT-71 is a premium light commercial tyre. This range is specifically designed for small to medium vans and light commercial vehicles. It offers good wet and dry performance, mileage and safety with high load carrying capacity which makes it the ideal choice for this application.

Strong casing

Strong casing manufactured with high density polyester plies for higher load carrying capacity and durability.

Specially formulated tread compound

Specially formulated tread compound that wears evenly and provides lower rolling resistance for good mileage and high fuel efficiency.

Circumferential grooves

Circumferential grooves that provide efficient water evacuation and aquaplaning resistance for increased we traction and braking.



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