Hankook Dynapro XT RC10 275/65R18

Ruggedness meets comfort Dynapro XT RC10 The Hankook Dynapro XT RC10 tyre blends off-road capability with on-road tranquility, offering a quiet and comfortable ride without sacrificing rugged performance. Designed for light trucks, this tyre ensures optimal handling and durability across diverse terrains.

SKU: 2021499 Manufacturer: Hankook Tread Pattern: Dynapro XT RC10

Ruggedness meets comfort

The Hankook Dynapro XT RC10 is an all-terrain tyre specifically designed to deliver a serene driving experience while navigating challenging landscapes. It features a unique pattern arranged by tread pitch variation technology that significantly reduces noise, enhancing comfort during long journeys. The inclusion of shoulder block cushions absorbs impact and further diminishes road noise, while chamfered edges minimize harsh interactions with the road.

This tyre’s formulated compound includes low-hysteresis carbon black, which not only reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency but also increases mileage and resistance to cuts and chips. Off-road, the tyre excels with polygonal blocks and zig-zag grooves that provide robust traction and handling, while V-shaped lateral grooves enhance grip on rugged surfaces.

The Dynapro XT RC10 is engineered for those who demand durability and comfort from their light trucks, whether on highways or trails.

Optimised Quiet Ride

Advanced tread design and shoulder block cushions work together to significantly reduce road noise, providing a peaceful driving environment.

Enhanced Off-Road Capability

The combination of polygonal centre and shoulder blocks, along with zig-zag and lateral grooves, ensures superior traction and handling on rough terrains.

Longer Tread Life

A specially formulated compound with low-hysteresis carbon black enhances cut and chip resistance, extends tread life, and improves fuel efficiency.

Comfort and Durability

Chamfered edges and a robust tyre structure offer a smooth ride while maintaining durability, ideal for light trucks used in varying road conditions.



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