Giti Sport S1 SUV 275/45R20 110Y

Grip, Performance, Precision Sport S1 SUV The GitiSport S1 SUV tyre delivers unmatched performance for high-powered SUVs, offering exceptional grip and reduced braking distances in wet conditions. Designed for the demanding driver, it ensures both safety and driving pleasure.

SKU: 100A3264 Manufacturer: Giti Tread Pattern: Sport S1 SUV

Grip, Performance, Precision

Engineered for the thrill of driving, the GitiSport S1 SUV is a pure Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre crafted for the unique needs of high-performance SUVs. This tyre stands out with its ability to handle tough driving conditions, featuring a special ribbed tread pattern that enhances torque transmission and optimises block geometry for a quieter, smoother ride. From racetrack-inspired braking performance to exceptional wet grip, the GitiSport S1 SUV transitions effortlessly from high-speed adrenaline to the practicalities of everyday road use. Its design includes four straight grooves for superior water drainage and resistance to aquaplaning, coupled with a smart belt concept and ultra curve profile that ensure even wear and excellent handling, both in dry and wet conditions.

The tyre’s flexible sidewall technology not only improves comfort but also contributes to better fuel economy, making it a versatile choice for the discerning SUV owner.

Exceptional Handling

Tailored for high-performance SUVs, the tyre's special ribbed tread pattern ensures high torque transmission, delivering superior handling and agility on the road.

Outstanding Braking Performance

The new high grip compound reduces braking distances significantly, particularly in wet conditions, enhancing safety and control.

Optimised Comfort and Economy

The flexible sidewall design not only elevates comfort during the ride but also improves fuel economy, making for a more enjoyable and efficient driving experience.

Durability and Quiet Ride

With its optimised pattern block geometry and balanced pattern stiffness, the GitiSport S1 SUV promises low noise levels, smooth driving, and even wear, ensuring a serene ride and extended tyre life.



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