Giti GSR235 195/85R16 114L

Durable Performance, Uncompromised Safety GSR235 The Giti GSR235 is an all-position regional tyre designed for light commercial trucks, offering exceptional wear resistance and durability. Its advanced compound and design ensure safety and long-lasting performance.

SKU: 100EV2000Q Manufacturer: Giti Tread Pattern: GSR235

Durable Performance, Uncompromised Safety

The Giti GSR235 stands out in the light commercial truck tyre market, specifically engineered for all-position use in regional applications. This tyre is built with a focus on durability, featuring an all-steel belt structure that enhances casing toughness and longevity. Its special wear-resistant compound is crafted to withstand extensive use, promising longer mileage without compromising on performance.

The diamond-shaped stone ejector design not only prevents groove damage but also increases pattern rigidity, ensuring reliable performance across varied road conditions. Optimised for even wear, the GSR235’s rib ratio and pattern design significantly reduce the risk of irregular wear, maintaining consistent performance and safety. Furthermore, the tyre’s four circumferential grooves, complemented by multi-width sipes, offer superior water evacuation capabilities, delivering excellent wet grip and preventing hydroplaning.

Designed for the demands of light commercial trucks, the Giti GSR235 tyre combines technological advancements with practical benefits, setting new standards for regional transport tyres.

All Steel Belt Structure Design

Offers enhanced durability and toughness, ensuring the tyre can withstand the rigours of daily use in light commercial vehicles, leading to increased lifespan and reduced replacement frequency.

Special Wear Resistant Compound

This compound extends the tyre's service life by providing exceptional resistance to wear, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to maximize their investment.

Diamond Shape Stone Ejector Design

Improves the tyre's resistance to groove damages and enhances pattern rigidity, which contributes to safer and more reliable performance in a variety of road conditions.

Optimised Wet Grip Performance

The design incorporates four main circumferential grooves with multi-width sipes, ensuring outstanding water evacuation. This feature dramatically increases wet traction, offering a safer driving experience during rainy conditions.



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