Dunlop SP Touring R1 195/60R15

Sporty Precision, Enhanced Durability SP Touring R1 The Dunlop SP Touring R1 tyre offers superior wet performance and increased durability, designed with a sporty appearance for small to medium cars. Its advanced construction ensures balanced handling and high-level safety on both dry and wet roads.

SKU: 545452 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SP Touring R1

Sporty Precision, Enhanced Durability

The Dunlop SP Touring R1 is a cutting-edge tyre engineered for drivers who demand reliability, comfort, and a touch of sportiness in their driving experience. Ideal for a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to sedans, this tyre features a wider steel belt and high-tension casing ply for greater durability and even road contact. The enhanced groove design and circular cross profile work synergistically to evacuate water efficiently, significantly improving wet performance and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Crafted for those who value both aesthetics and functionality, the SP Touring R1 delivers responsive handling, stable cornering, and excellent traction across varied weather conditions.

The sporty look of the tyre adds a dynamic edge to its performance, making it a top choice for drivers seeking the perfect blend of style, safety, and durability.


Enhanced Durability

The wider steel belt and high-tension casing ply construction extend the tyre's lifespan and ensure even wear, providing long-term value and reliability.

Improved Wet Performance

Thanks to its advanced groove design, the SP Touring R1 tyre excels in wet conditions, efficiently evacuating water and reducing the risk of hydroplaning for safer driving in rainy weather.

Responsive Handling and Stable Cornering

Engineered for precision, it offers responsive steering and stable cornering, allowing drivers to enjoy a confident and enjoyable driving experience on a variety of road surfaces.

Sporty Design

Not only does it perform admirably, but the SP Touring R1 also features a sporty appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any vehicle, marrying performance with style.



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