Dunlop SP Sport Maxx Race 2 245/35R20 95Y

Pinnacle of tyre technology SP Sport Maxx Race 2 The Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 tyre, co-developed with Porsche’s Motorsport Road Car Performance division, offers unparalleled dry grip and steering response for a seamless transition between road and track. Its advanced compound and aramid-enriched casing enhance driving precision and lap times.

SKU: 586970 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SP Sport Maxx Race 2

Pinnacle of tyre technology

The Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 is a cutting-edge tyre meticulously engineered in collaboration with Porsche’s Motorsport Road Car Performance division and paralleling Michelin’s OE alternative, to push the boundaries of performance balance on both the road and the track. By focusing on the critical areas of dry grip enhancement, steering response, and lap time reduction, this tyre incorporates a motorsport-derived compound and a sophisticated casing technology. The casing features a hybrid top layer with aramid fibres, ensuring optimal contact patch maintenance across varying speeds and during intense cornering manoeuvres.

This innovative design evenly distributes pressure and mitigates hot spots, closely mirroring the pressure footprint of Dunlop’s race slicks, albeit with crucial water-dispersing grooves for road use. The tyre’s asymmetry is refined by strategically placed bridges in the outer groove, seamlessly integrating the robust outer blocks with the interior, to provide a driving experience that excels in both performance and safety.


Co-Developed with Porsche

Crafted in partnership with Porsche’s Motorsport Road Car Performance division, ensuring a tyre that is perfectly tuned for high-performance sports cars and their specific handling characteristics.

Motorsport-Derived Compound

Utilises a high-grip compound from Dunlop’s extensive motorsport experience, offering exceptional dry grip that translates to shorter lap times and enhanced road safety.

Aramid-Enriched Casing

The hybrid top layer of the casing contains aramid, a material known for its strength and thermal stability, maximising the tyre’s contact patch for consistent performance at high speeds and sharp corners.

Advanced Pressure Distribution

Mirroring the pressure footprint of professional racing slicks, the Sport Maxx Race 2 ensures even pressure distribution across the tyre, reducing hot spots and improving the longevity and performance of the tyre.



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