Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response 225/45R17 91W Run Flat

Road Connection, Supreme Comfort SP Sport Fast Response The Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response tyre is engineered for luxury passenger vehicles, offering drivers a profound connection to the road alongside a comfortable, quiet, and controlled driving experience. It integrates advanced technology for superior handling and grip.

SKU: 526376 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SP Sport Fast Response

Road Connection, Supreme Comfort

The Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response represents a pinnacle in luxury passenger tyre technology, designed for those who desire a deep sense of unity with the road without sacrificing comfort. This tyre incorporates Dunlop’s innovative Touch Technology, which combines four key technological advancements to improve handling and enhance grip during acceleration and braking, ensuring you remain in sync with every road contour. With an asymmetric tread design, it achieves excellent mileage, low rolling resistance, and optimal wet braking characteristics.

The tyre’s low noise generation pattern ensures a supremely quiet and comfortable ride, while the cutting-edge tread compound with high silica content guarantees superior durability, reduced tread wear, and improved wet weather performance.

Ideal for discerning drivers who seek a responsive, controlled driving experience, the Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response tyre brings together unmatched road feel and ride comfort.

Touch Technology Integration

Merges four advanced features to deliver improved handling and superior grip, keeping you intimately connected with the road during acceleration and braking.

Asymmetric Tread Design

Offers an exceptional combination of long mileage, reduced rolling resistance, and superior wet braking, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Low Noise Generation Pattern

Engineered to minimise noise, this tyre provides a tranquil and serene driving environment, elevating ride comfort to new heights.

Advanced Tread Compound

Utilises high silica content and special molecular 'cross-linking' to achieve higher stiffness, ensuring excellent mileage, optimum rolling resistance, and enhanced wet braking characteristics.



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