Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 255/65R17 110H

Quiet Confidence, All Seasons Grandtrek AT23 The Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 tyre offers unwavering all-season traction, excelling in rain, mud, and snow. Designed for a remarkably quiet and smooth ride, it ensures superior braking, cornering, and handling in all conditions.

SKU: 583683 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: Grandtrek AT23

Quiet Confidence, All Seasons

The Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 is a testament to advanced tyre technology, providing drivers with confidence across all seasons. Whether navigating through rain-soaked streets, tackling muddy trails, or confronting snowy roads, this tyre’s all-season tread design guarantees year-round traction and enhanced wet handling. Featuring circumferential tread grooves, it effectively channels water away from the tyre’s footprint, improving wet traction significantly.

The incorporation of 5-Pitch Technology™ minimises road noise, offering a serene driving experience. Its variable-pitch tread design not only contributes to a smooth ride but also enhances the tyre’s braking, cornering, and handling capabilities under any weather condition.

The Grandtrek AT23 is the ideal choice for drivers seeking reliable performance without compromising comfort.

All-Season Traction

The Grandtrek AT23's all-season tread design ensures dependable traction across diverse weather conditions, from rain and mud to snow, enabling safe and confident driving year-round.

Enhanced Wet Handling

Thanks to its circumferential tread grooves, the tyre efficiently removes water from under the tyre, significantly improving grip and stability on wet surfaces.

Quiet Ride Technology

With 5-Pitch Technology™, the Grandtrek AT23 reduces road noise, facilitating a quieter, more comfortable ride that enhances the driving experience.

Superior Handling and Braking

The variable-pitch tread design not only ensures a smooth ride but also delivers exceptional braking, cornering, and handling, regardless of the driving conditions.



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