Double Coin

Double Coin RLB300 650R16

Navigate with Confidence RLB300 The Double Coin RLB300 for light trucks offers unmatched traction and durability, designed to elevate safety and performance on the highways. Its unique block pattern and advanced construction cater to rigorous driving demands.

SKU: 23520 Manufacturer: Double Coin Tread Pattern: RLB300

Navigate with Confidence

Tailored for light trucks, the Double Coin RLB300 tyre features a 4-rib steel radial design, engineered to master highway terrains. This all-position tyre is enhanced with a unique block pattern and an open shoulder, ensuring fine drainage and superior traction and grabbing ability, making it ideal for a variety of weather conditions.

The special tread compound and stone-removal construction enhance its cut and puncture resistance, while the optimal driving surface and open tyre shoulder design aid in even pressure distribution and heat dissipation, respectively.

High-intensity carcass materials fortify the tyre against external shocks and augment load capacity, making the RLB300 a resilient partner for light truck operators seeking reliability and extended service life.

Unique Block Pattern

Offers premium traction and excellent water drainage, ensuring safe and stable handling in wet conditions.

Special Tread Compound

Enhances cut and puncture resistance, extending the tyre's lifespan even in harsh conditions.

Optimal Pressure Distribution

The tyre's design promotes even land contact pressure, reducing wear and improving mileage.

High-Intensity Carcass Materials

Improve shock resistance and load capacity, supporting heavier loads with ease and reliability.



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