Bridgestone Turanza T001 225/45R17 91W

Quiet Luxury, Unmatched Control Turanza T001 The Bridgestone Turanza T001 tyre offers the epitome of luxury touring, combining advanced noise reduction technology with a unique tread design for unmatched comfort and performance. It’s the choice for prestigious cars, delivering superior ride comfort and excellent braking response.

SKU: 11003738 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Turanza T001

Quiet Luxury, Unmatched Control

Designed with luxury touring at its core, the Bridgestone Turanza T001 represents the pinnacle of tyre technology for prestige vehicles, including original equipment for Mercedes-Benz B-class. This tyre ensures an unparalleled driving experience by blending exceptional wet grip and confident handling with advanced features aimed at reducing road noise and enhancing ride comfort.

Its unique tread pattern is complemented by high-angle blocks for remarkable braking performance, wide main grooves for outstanding wet traction and resistance to hydroplaning, and a slim high bead filler for optimised handling.The flat contact patch tread profile significantly reduces irregular wear, while the 5 degree noise reduction technology minimises road noise, allowing you to rediscover the joy of the journey in silence and comfort.

The Turanza T001 invites drivers to follow the road and their hearts, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable ride under any condition.

High-Angle Blocks

Deliver excellent braking performance, allowing for shorter stopping distances and enhanced safety.

Wide Main Grooves

Provide exceptional traction in wet conditions and increased resistance to hydroplaning, ensuring a secure driving experience in adverse weather.

Slim High Bead Filler

Offers optimised handling and comfort, improving the driving dynamics and the overall ride quality of your vehicle.

Flat Contact Patch Tread Profile

Ensures more even tread wear, leading to a longer tyre life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.



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