Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 205/50R17 89W

Precision Engineered Performance Potenza RE050A The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A is an ultra high-performance tyre, leveraging Formula One technology for dynamic handling, superior control, and unmatched stability. Ideal for high-end sports cars, it's chosen by brands like Ferrari and Porsche for its exceptional steering response and stability.

SKU: 702999 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Potenza RE050A

Precision Engineered Performance

The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A stands at the pinnacle of tyre innovation, embodying the fusion of ultra high-performance with the comfort of a quiet ride. Developed through Bridgestone’s involvement in Formula One, it boasts technology that delivers dynamic sporty handling and excellent control, optimised for both dry and wet conditions. This tyre offers a seamless driving experience, featuring a stable connected steering feel and excellent high-speed stability.

With a focus on safety, it includes exceptional braking capabilities and superior performance characteristics that enhance handling, cornering, and braking.

The RE050A’s design incorporates DONUTS technology, asymmetric tread patterns derived from F1 technology, and a suite of features like 2 Steel Belts for durability, 5 Pitch Noise Reduction, and L.L.Carbon for rubber reinforcement, ensuring outstanding grip, responsive handling, and a balance of comfort and performance that meets the demands of prestige vehicle manufacturers.

Formula One Derived Technology

Incorporates cutting-edge technology for dynamic sporty handling and excellent control, ensuring an exceptional driving experience even under high-speed conditions.

Outstanding Wet and Dry Grip

Offers a balanced performance in both wet and dry conditions, featuring an asymmetric tread pattern that ensures superior grip and responsive handling.

Enhanced Safety Features

Exceptional braking capability and a high level of steering response improve safety by providing precise control and exceptional handling in hazardous conditions.

Advanced Tyre Construction

Features like 2 Steel Belts for durability, L.L.Carbon for reinforced rubber, and a comprehensive tyre design method, ensure a smooth, comfortable ride with consistent surface contact for improved handling and wear resistance.



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