Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 205/65R15 95H

Inspired by Bridgestone's racing heritage Potenza RE-71R The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tyre merges circuit-born grip with street legality, offering an unparalleled steering feel and outstanding dry grip. Designed for performance enthusiasts, it balances track-level performance with everyday practicality.

SKU: 13762 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Potenza RE-71R

Inspired by Bridgestone's racing heritage

The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R is a semi-slick tyre that blurs the lines between track and street performance. Engineered for the motorsport enthusiast, the RE-71R is street-legal, providing the ultimate in dry grip and enhanced steering feel without the need for switching tyres between daily driving and track days.

With a design inspired by Bridgestone’s rich racing heritage, this tyre focuses on maximum grip during braking and cornering, making it the ideal choice for drivers looking to push their limits on both the road and the circuit.

Improvements in performance, wear life, and noise reduction elevate the RE-71R beyond traditional semi-slick tyres, offering a blend of practicality and performance that is unmatched in the motorsport arena.

Street Legal Semi-Slick Design

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a tyre that delivers track-worthy performance without sacrificing street legality, allowing for seamless transitions between daily driving and racing.

Circuit-Born Grip

Forged on the circuit, the RE-71R's rubber compound and tread design provide exceptional grip and handling, especially when braking and cornering at high speeds, ensuring confidence and control.

Enhanced Steering Feel

Experience precise and responsive steering, thanks to the tyre's design that prioritizes direct feedback, allowing drivers to feel more connected to the road and make more accurate driving decisions.

Outstanding Dry Grip

With its focus on maximising contact with the road, the RE-71R offers superior dry grip, enabling drivers to push their vehicles to the limit while maintaining stability and safety.



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